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It's Better For the Hardy Boys to Burn Out Than Fade Away

And then Sam rediscovers The Power Of Love thanks to a Flashback Ex Machina triggered by that stupid little ashtray army man we've neither seen nor heard about before tonight, and he overpowers Lucifer to hurl himself into The Pit, taking Michael-In-Adam with him. The end!

No, seriously. No, SERIOUSLY: All of that actually happens. The Chick Flick Moment To End All Chick Flick Moments saves the goddamned world.

I should have stopped watching this crap at the end of Season Four. "You and me both! [Slurp!]"

ANY-way, The Montage O' Love only lasts about thirty seconds, but they managed to cram in so many clips from the last five years that any attempt to hyperlink back to all of them as recapped would likely drive me insane. Fortunately, the lovely and talented empanimations has given us all this set of screencaps, so you can scroll through them one-by-one if you wish to see how many Magical Metallicar Moments you recognize. My favorites include "Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole" from the pilot, the spoon prank from "Hell House," the despairing yet awesome "Renegade" ending to "Nightshifter," Dean The Internet Innocent looking especially pretty in his suit from "Crossroad Blues," and the two dorks dressed up as security system repairmen in "Shadow." God, you remember when they used to rely on ridiculous costumes to gain access to crime scenes? Good times. Also: Funny how many of these Magical Metallicar Moments come from the first two seasons. Raoul, needless to say, has no favorite Magical Metallicar Moments, because none of the ones on offer include glorified extras getting their heads ripped off by super-sized chainsaws or finding their bloat run through industrial fans or eating each other to death or having their damn fool Canadian selves chopped in half by rogue elevators. "Oh, that last was delightful, wasn't it?! I think it was my favorite of the entire series!" I've always said you were a bloodthirsty dragon of exquisitely sophisticated taste, Raoul. "Oh, I'm blushing!"

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