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The Hardy Boys Are Still Not Having Sex With Each Other!
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THE REVELATION of Robert Singer, which KRIPKE gave unto him, to show unto His minions things which must shortly come to pass; and sent and signified it by The CW unto His servant, Demian, who bore record of the Word of KRIPKE, and of the testimony of Robert Singer, and of all the things he saw. Blessed are they who readeth, and they that hear the words of this episode, and keep those Plot Holes which are written therein: For the fifth season is at hand.

I was in the living room on Castiel's Day, and heard before me a great Voice, as of a Television, saying, "I AM THE ROAD SO FAR!, the first episode to the most recent!" and, "What thou seest, post upon The Internets, and send it unto the Fangirls as you are contractually obliged to do!" and "Does not AC/DC kick ass?" And verily did I agree with this last, for yea, "Thunderstruck" doth both kick ass and melt faces, and KRIPKE in His Wisdom hath seen fit to incorporate it into this season's opening Previously sequence.

AND THEN from the depths of Hell rose Dashing El Deano, struggling from his grave to stand amidst a copse of fallen trees, for so great is the Power of The KRIPKE, and there was Metallicar, and Brother Touching, and Pretty Boys With Guns Shooting Monsters In The Face With Rock Salt, and I looked upon all of these things, and saw that they were good. And lo, onto the scene arrived Pete Campbell's Secretary to warn, Cassandra-like, of Lilith's Breaking Of The Seals to unleash Lucifer (even though it was Dashing El Deano who broke the First), and Demons were smote by Princess Sparkles' Knife That Can Kill Anything Except When It Usually Can't, and eyes were turned black, and then eyes were turned white as they were most awesomely seared out of skulls, and Darling Sammy did sup upon the Blood of the Possessed much to the consternation of everyone involved before Sucky John's Bastard Son was burned upon a Pyre, which made Sucky John's Legitimate Sons very sad indeed.

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