The Born-Again Identity

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Wake Up, Little Hardy Boys

Cut to that ridiculously scenic rustic homestead from earlier in the season, where we find Determined El Deano burning up the phone lines with a series of increasingly desperate calls for help to a list of Dead Bobby's acquaintances. He's about to give up, flipping Dead Bobby's little black book on the kitchen table as he fetches himself another beer, when that mysterious and mysteriously helpful force that is so totally The Spectral Presence Of Bobby Singer knocks the little black book onto the cabin floor, in the process dislodging a business card for something called "Mackey's Taxidermy." Dean warily hunkers down to examine the card, finds a private cell number scrawled onto the back of the thing, and is soon leaving a voice mail for the card's apparent owner.

Meanwhile, back at the nuthouse, Batshit Sammy's batshit insanity continues apace, with Lucifer briefly disguising himself as The Good Doctor Kadinsky to taunt and mock at The Ginormowhack until a friendly orderly stops by with Batshit Sammy's dinner. Batshit Sammy obediently totes the plate over to his bed, sits down, hoists the delicious-looking sandwich to his mouth, and bites into a...special effect they already used to far greater effect four years ago. This show. This stupid, stupid show. Of course, this time around it's just another of Lucifer's naughty hallucinations, so Batshit Sammy is not, in fact, now aspirating on maggots, which makes me wonder why they bothered recycling this bit in the first place, and I have no idea how the hell I'm going to make it to the end of this wretched, pointless season alive, and as Batshit Sammy drops his sandwich on the floor to recoil in horror, or something, a wisp of a lass with a very large bandage on her neck materializes in his doorway to stare at him for a moment before vanishing from whence she came. That was exciting.

Ridiculously Scenic Rustic Homestead. The elusive Mr. Mackey finally returns Dashing El Deano's call, and we spend the better part of the next minute and a half listening to Mr. Mackey's boring backstory, so I'll cut to the point: The scruffy Mr. Mackey is of course a fellow hunter, a fellow hunter who recently received word of a supposed faith healer named "Emmanuel." Naturally, Mr. Mackey became suspicious of this Emmanuel person, decided to check the guy out, contacted him through his wife -- "Daphne," "out in Colorado" -- and wouldn't you know it? Emmanuel actually healed Mr. Mackey's bum eye! He's the real deal! Who would have guessed? Dean goes, "Hmmm!" and with that, it's time to head back to...

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