The Born-Again Identity

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Wake Up, Little Hardy Boys

Chez Allen. Aftermath. My Sweet Baboo busies himself freeing Dowdy Daphne from the chair to which she'd been lashed by the now-dead demonically-enhanced gent while Dumbstruck El Deano watches from across the room, quietly freaking the fuck out. Eventually, they get to chatting -- I'm not sure if you've noticed this yet, but this evening's installment is rather infuriatingly heavy on the chatter -- and, long story short, My Sweet Baboo knows nothing of demons and angels and The Abortive Apocalypse and The Leviathans and such, because My Sweet Baboo is currently suffering from amnesia. Joy. Dean decides for the moment to keep My Sweet Baboo in the dark, and instead mentions his desperately ill brother, the latter of whom... at this very moment attempting to sleep back at The Nuthouse. Lucifer, however, will be having none of this touchy-feely self-help sleeping crap, bitch, and starts blasting The Everly Brothers' "Wake Up Little Susie," much to Batshit Sammy's annoyance and dismay. Lucifer then lights a series of small firecrackers, which he tosses in the general direction of Batshit Sammy's bed, and the snide banter and the chit-chat -- the endless, endless chit-chat -- continue until that friendly orderly from earlier arrives with another tray of food. "Mmmm!" Lucifer croons. "What'll it be today -- maggots again, or tapeworm?" Um. Neither? Because you've already used maggots to far greater effect four goddamned years ago, and the audience won't be able to see a fucking tapeworm? Jackass. GAH! ANY-way, Batshit Sammy and Marcus The Friendly Orderly get to talking -- OF COURSE -- and Marcus The Friendly Orderly reveals that Wispy Marin "didn't get here 'cause of no accident." Lucifer lights another firecracker. Batshit Sammy flinches. I bang an heirloom lead crystal ashtray against my head in a half-witted and frenzied attempt to remain awake. And...are we done here? We're done here.

Elsewhere, Dashing El Deano steers this week's crapped-out piece of automotive trash through the night, My Sweet Baboo sitting patiently at his side. They get to talking -- OF COURSE, AGAIN -- and we learn that Castiel emerged from scenic Lake Leviathan all naked and wet and not remembering what he was and all, whereupon Dowdy Daphne stumbled upon him, decided she needed herself some Naked Baboo in her life, and promptly convinced the addled Castiel to marry her. Atta girl. "Must be weird not knowing who you are," Dean observes. "Well," Castiel shrugs, "it's my life, and it's a good life." "Yeah, well, what if you were some kind of -- I don't know -- bad guy?" Dean sneakily wonders. "Oh, I don't feel like a bad person," My Amnesiac Baboo blithely replies, and with that, we head back over to...

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