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The Hardy Boys in the Garden of Good and Evil
e all of the nearby radio stations, but that's not Dean's biggest problem at the moment, for Zachariah's just popped into the passenger seat with a newspaper, from which he too-casually reads, "Croatoan pandemic reaches Australia." Dean jumps at the sound of Zachariah's voice and snarls, "I thought I smelled your stink on this Back To The Future crap!" Zachariah, studiously unperturbed, continues reading, "President Palin defends bombing of Houston." Heh. There's more bad news involving the much-diminished Congress "revok[ing] the right to group assembly" and such, but Dean's only question is, "How did you find me?" "Afraid we had to tap some unorthodox resources," Zachariah replies, specifically that shifty-eyed fundie from the top of the hour and thousands of others like him. "We've been making inspirational visits to the...fringier Christian groups," Zachariah explains, choosing his words carefully. "They've been given your image, told to keep an eye out." Dean just rolls his eyes and demands to be sent back, now. "All in good time," Zachariah smiles. "We want you to marinate a bit." "Three days," he specifies when Dean again throws him attitude. "Three days to see where this course of action takes you." Said course of action is, naturally, Dean's continued refusal to grant Michael access to his body, and I'm sure there's a way I could put that so it doesn't sound absolutely filthy, but I'm pressed for time, here, and oh, look! Zachariah's vanished just as quickly as he'd materialized. Dean slaps the steering wheel in frustration, then speeds up towards a set of flaming oil tanks on the distant horizon before...

...arriving at Bobby's Emporium deep within the lush coastal rainforests of central South Dakota early the following morning. Cobwebs abound. Dean picks his way across the debris-strewn floors until his finds Bobby's upended wheelchair, and when he rights the thing, we can see bloodstained bullet holes have been drilled through the backrest at some point in the relatively recent past. Raoul would comment on this fascinating development, I'm sure, but as I believe I noted, he passed out from all the FUCKING AWESOME several scenes ago. "Lllaalalalalalallllaaaaah!" Dean kneels by the chair, references the very first Twilight Zone episode ever, then rises to pry off a piece of the decorative molding on Bobby's mantel. The hidden compartment he reveals by doing so contains Bobby's version of Sucky John's demonic day planner, and tucked away in the back is a black-and-white photo of Bobby and a casually attired Castiel posing in front of the heavily fortified gates of "Camp Chitaqua" with three other unidentifiable hunter-types. Dean recognizes the name of the place, and one quick into-the-photo cross-fade later, he's...

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