The Girl With The Dungeons And Dragons Tattoo

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The Hardy Boys Pander Shamelessly To Geeks
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Rattle, Rattle WE DON'T GIVE A SHIT ANYMORE THEN! Once upon a time, there was a lunatic jackass named Frank Devereaux who bitched and moaned at Our Intrepid Heroes for a very long while before vanishing under mysterious circumstances several episodes ago. In other news, Dead Bobby escaped his Reaper, haunted the boys on the sly for the better part of five months and finally manifested himself to Darling Sammy and Dashing El Deano with the help of some poorly-defined ghastly mojo. This led to an epic angst-filled discussion between Our Whiny Hypocrites in last week's crapped-out piece of automotive trash because, according to them, dead things should stay dead. Except when those dead things happen to be Sam and Dean, of course, and with that we arrive at this evening's...

...Rattle, Rattle STILL NOT GIVING A SHIT NOW! And because this week's script told them so, Our Intrepid Heroes have retired to Dead Rufus's ridiculously scenic rustic homestead deep within the lush coastal rainforests of Montana's Rocky Mountains in order to discuss that whole overarching season-long Leviathan storyline they've been ignoring since December. "Well, thanks for looking," Darling Sammy mopes into his cell, ending what is obviously a disappointing phone call just as Dashing El Deano wanders into the cabin's parlor from points unknown. "Norah didn't see any pattern to the dig sites, either," Sam complains as he hangs up and no, I don't know who this "Norah" person is, so don't bother asking. "'Cause they got nothing in common," Dean snorts by way of reply as the boys arrange themselves rather fetchingly on the parlor's sofa, after which Dean goes on to note, "And I got nothing from local lore fifty miles in every direction of all of them." "I mean," he gripes, unscrewing Dead Bobby's magical traveling flask for a quick toot, "it's like they're just old dirt -- what's Dick looking for?" And in case you've been in your very own Coma Of Boredom for the last five or six episodes and have just awoken in a fetid puddle of your own filth only to find this strange scene unreeling on your television set because you were far too unconscious to change the channel since mid-February, Our Intrepid Idiots are here discussing Richard Roman's occasionally-mentioned archeological digs, which I assume will assume some sort of titanic importance over the remainder of this vastly disappointing season.

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