The Girl With The Dungeons And Dragons Tattoo

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The Hardy Boys Pander Shamelessly To Geeks

Down in the van, Dumbass El Deano quite seriously refers to Adorkably Quirky Super-Hacker™ Felicia Day® as "Veronica Mars." In other news, Dumbass El Deano is dead to me. No, I don't care how much lip gloss he's wearing in this scene. He's dead to me, do you hear? DEAD.

Back on the fourth floor, Adorkably Quirky Super-Hacker™ Felicia Day® has returned to her desk and now busies herself transmitting Richard Roman's entire e-mail directory to the boys, whom she also rings up via her product-placed Bluetooth®-enabled earpiece. Unfortunately, her Leviathanically-enhanced boss chooses this moment to swing by her cubicle, so Adorkably Quirky Super-Hacker™ Felicia Day® has little choice but to cut short her conversation with Our Idiot Morons until she's sent the supremely suspicious monster on his way. You might think that sending a supremely suspicious monster on his way would be a difficult thing to do and I'm sure that for regular human beings it would indeed represent an insurmountable task, but this is Adorkably Quirky Super-Hacker™ Felicia Day® we're talking about, here, so she's back on the phone with Our Idiot Morons in a matter of seconds. The three begin rifling through Richard Roman's e-mails together and they quickly discover that a package is due to arrive that very evening from Roman's last archeological dig site somewhere in Iran. DUN! Okay, not really, but I needed to do something. It's like this episode was specifically designed to both bore and enrage me to death at the same time.

Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh, yeah: Richard Roman's mysterious package is set to arrive at "Downey Airport" at 11:15, which means Our Idiot Morons have less than forty-two minutes to make it all the way to Idaho. Unless, of course, it's actually arriving at The Chicago Executive Airport in Wheeling, which is what the map pulled up by Our Idiot Morons at this point is telling me, so I guess we won't be treated to an insane fifteen-minute drive all the way across the country tonight. Before the boys leave, though, The Idiot Moron Who Is Now Dead To Me has one more favor to ask of Adorkably Quirky Super-Hacker™ Felicia Day®. Could she possibly find a way to squeeze it onto her to-do list?

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