The Great Escapist

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Spiritual Enema
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THEN! Sam wondered what might the Angel Tablet do, if the Demon Tablet can shut the Gates of Hell. All Castiel knew was that he had to protect it from both Naomi and Dean. (Technically, he said he had to protect it from "you," so we don't know if he meant it in the general "you humans" sense or in the more specific "you, the man who wears three shirts and two jackets regardless of the weather or season" sense.) Dean finally got to meet Naomi, but he didn't exactly shower her with muffin baskets, seeing as how she did all kinds of horrible things to Castiel after she got him out of Purgatory. Castiel wasn't the only angel to go through Naomi's Re-Neducation therapy, as he discovered when poor, doomed Samandriel told him Naomi had been turning their minds to mush. Naomi tried to make like she had Castiel's best interests at heart when she turned to Dean to find the wayward angel, but Dean didn't quite buy it. In other off-and-on plots of the season, the Lord's Loopiest Prophet, Kevin Tran, discovered that the gates of Hell could be closed after passing God's three trials. Dean intended to undertake the trials, but it was Sam who slid into home at the last moment and took his place. This led to Sam becoming melodramatically ill while Dean fretted over him like a hen over her eggs with a fox in the coop. The Lord's Loopiest Prophet began to suffer a breakdown of his own, of the mental sort, when he became convinced that Crowley was infiltrating his dreams. He decided to hit the road without leaving a forwarding address for the Winchesters.

NOW! Kevin wakes up on Garth's houseboat, covered in sticky notes and burgeoning stubble, as if he'd never left at all. Clearly something is amiss, since we saw him skedaddle a few episodes ago, and again just now in the previouslies. He rolls out of bed, adds a sticky note to a wall that is already several layers thick with sticky notes. When a pounding comes at the door, he gulps and approaches with great trepidation. The pounding comes again, this time accompanied by Dean's familiar voice: "Come on, Kevin! Open up! It's us." Kevin opens the door and sprays Dean in the face with a Super Soaker of holy water. Dean sizzles only in the sexy way, and not in the "ahhhh I'm melting!" way. "You forgot the knock," Kevin grumps. "What's the point of a secret knock if you don't use it!" A heretofore unseen Sam leans into the doorway, only to get a blast of holy water. Sam, looking healthier than he has in a long while, just smiles and holds up a satchel. "We got it," he says with a waggle of his brows.

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