The Great Escapist

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Spiritual Enema

Dean is still having fits over the thought of curing a demon as they're driving back to the Lair O' Letters in the middle of yet another rainy night. Presumably, they've left Kevin in Meatron's care. "If we do this," Dean says, "you get better, right?" Sam says he feels better already, just having a direction to move in. Maybe that means Dean won't have to make him soup or wash his hair anymore. They seem cautiously optimistic about heading towards the end, but what they're heading towards is a man lying in the middle of the road. Dean steps on the brakes and swerves to a stop. He gets out of the car, sees the familiar overcoat-clad shape in the Impala's headlights. "Cass?!" Castiel looks up, bloodied, and groans, "A little help here?" Sam and Dean trade startled looks for a while. We'll just have to assume that they do eventually help Castiel, because that's where the episode ends.

Tippi Blevins has been possessed by a recapping demon. Send holy water to, or chant spells at her on Twitter: @TippiB.

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