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Spiritual Enema

Sam tries to simultaneously throw off his makeshift cape and get up from the table, doing neither particularly well. Dean fixes him with an accusatory stare. "The bloody handkerchiefs, the fever, the shaky legs... This - " He gestures in Sam's general direction. "-- is not good!" Sam looks exasperated or sick or both, and says, "Well, I'm not good, and I'm not going to be good until we can start moving again." He seems to be under the impression that starting and/or completing the last of the trials will somehow make him all better, where all signs would indicate he will turn into silken tofu before long. "You know how bad I wanna slam the door on all those sons of bitches," Dean says, "but you gotta let me take care of you." Because what else is Dean supposed to do now that his awesome Purgatory storyline is dead and gone? Sam reminds Dean that this isn't just a cold or the flu or even a simple case of cranio-rectal inversion. "This is part of it all," he says. "Those first two trials, they're not just things I did - they're doing something to me, they're changing me."

Luckily, their 8,745th argument about their brotherly issues is interrupted when they get an email from Kevin. Subject line: ****WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW**** Dean clicks on a link in the email and up pops a video of Kevin's sickly face. He looks nearly as bad as Sam at this point. "Sam, Dean, I set up this email with some software on a remote server so it would send itself to you if I didn't reset it with a command once a week. Which means I didn't reset it this week. There's only one reason I wouldn't. If you're watching this, it means I'm dead." Kevin rails at them, at God and everyone else who was responsible for this inconsistent plot. "Crowley must have gotten to me," he says once he's calmed down a bit. "And the one thing I know is I won't break this time. Not sure how I know, but I do." He probably read ahead in the script. He tells them he's giving them a link to all the notes and translations he's uploaded. He starts to cry and says he's sorry. "I know it was my job, but I couldn't..." He can't finish, so he stops recording the video. Dean flings some books off the table and stomps off. Soup isn't going to fix this one.

Later, Sam prints out all of Kevin's notes while Dean tries and fails to track down Garth. Is he dead? Still on vacation? They haven't heard of any new prophets being activated, either, but this doesn't seem to comfort them with the thought that Kevin might still be alive. Dean's frustrated they don't have any leads. "We should have moved him here," he says. I've already gone on and on about this in past recaps, so this time I'll let Beethoven's Fifth Symphony say it for me: "Duh duh duh DUH!"

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