The Great Escapist

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Spiritual Enema

While looking over Kevin's notes, Sam keeps coming across a symbol made up of a group of geometric shapes. He says he recognizes it. "Kevin has it down as a sort of signature - Scribe of God. It appears when Metatron makes one of his editor's notes." He also remembers it from one of his college courses, from a lesson on Native American petroglyphs. Dean, of course, has no idea what a petroglyph is. Quick! To the expository depository! Sam digs up a book and explains that the symbol belonged to the Two Rivers tribe in Colorado. "It says here that they held onto their scrap of mountains while all the other tribes fell to the white man." He scans through the book and comes to the part where it says the symbol means "Messenger of God." Sam rolls his eyes as the epiphany hits him. Dean stands there in uncomprehending silence. Sam wants to hightail it to Colorado and look for Metatron, but Dean is more than a bit skeptical. "So you think this Metatron is hiding out in the mountains with a bunch of Indians?" he asks. "Yeah, I do!" Sam says, then adds, "You're not really supposed to say 'Indians.'" Having thus schooled his uneducated slug of a brother, Sam giddily galumphs away as best he can to get ready for their trip.

Castiel cycles through a number of Biggerson's restaurants before returning to Santa Fe to find his table covered in blood. Why would he go back there when he knew the angels were getting close? More importantly, why did he stop somewhere along the way to fix his hair? It's all perky again. Anyway, the dining room is full of dead people. The only one left alive is the waitress, and she's just barely so. Her eyes have been burnt from their sockets. They're still sizzling when Castiel kneels down beside her in horror. "They said you have to stop," she whimpers. "You have to stop." He reaches out to touch her with a healing hand, but Ion and the other angel intercept him. The poor waitress is still repeating the message when the commercial break chomps her off the screen.

The Winchesters arrive in Colorado and pull up at the Two Rivers Hotel and Casino. It's a stony, imposing sort of building, more like a cross between a mental asylum and an apartment complex than a place that invites the reckless wagering of money. Inside, the brothers find the place deserted. A motif of wood flute in the soundtrack tries to lend some authenticity to the proceedings. Dean rings the desk bell and a moment later, a man with long, black hair appears. He doesn't say anything in welcome, and more or less just kind of stares at Sam and Dean. "We'd like a room," Dean says. The guy just stares some more. Dean has to reiterate the request before the guy finally hands over a registration book. While Dean signs in, Sam wanders off to look around with blurry vision and hear with ringing ears.

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