The Great Escapist

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Spiritual Enema

Having dried himself off and styled his hair anew, Sam leads Dean back down the hall in search of Metatron. He also takes a trip down Memory Lane, remembering how Dean used to read an illustrated King Arthur story to him. "All the knights were on a quest for the Holy Grail," he says, "and I remember looking at this picture of Sir Galahad, and he was kneeling, and light streaming over his face..." Speaking of faces, Sam is doing a lot of very distracting things with his. It's like there's a fly somewhere on it and he's trying to crush it using only his facial muscles. Sam goes on: "I remember thinking I could never go on a quest like that... because I'm not clean." Dean looks a bit heartbroken to hear that, so he must not be as distracted by the facial gymnastics as I am. "You think maybe I knew, that deep down I had demon blood in me?" Sam asks, teary eyed. "Sam, it's not your fault," Dean says. "It doesn't matter anymore," Sam says, "because these trials are purifying me." They are the highest of high colonics. Maybe that's why Sam looked like he was about to poop himself. Crap out the evil, Sam! By the time they get to the elevator, the boxes that had been stacked up next to it are gone. Dean notices that the nearest room's door is ajar and nudges it open.

Inside, books have been stacked from the floor to nearly the ceiling. It's like a rather tidy version of Hoarders, for although the books are many, they are arranged in neat columns. However, all I could think when first seeing this scene was, "Holy crap, I would hate to work for the props department that week." So... much... stacking. As the Winchesters push further into the suite, they find themselves face to face with the barrel of a rifle. At the other end of the rifle is Dudley "Booger" Dawson. The music goes "EEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeEEEeeeeeeeeeeEEE!" for kind of a bizarrely long time before the screen just can't take it anymore and goes to commercials.

"Who are you?" Booger asks when we return. "This is Metatron?" Dean asks instead of answering. He's obviously unimpressed. Metatron instantly appears behind the Winchesters, gun still raised, and orders them to sit down. Since the place isn't exactly laid out for guests, Dean takes the sole chair while Sam contorts himself onto the coffee table. The ringing in Sam's ears grows louder; his vision blurs. "Who sent you?" Metatron asks. "We came on our own," Sam shouts above the sound in his own head. "We're the Winchesters!" There's no immediate sign of recognition from Metatron. "Did Michael send you?" he asks. "Or Lucifer?" Sam can't believe Metatron hasn't heard of them. They're practically the Kardashians of the hunting world, for crying out loud!

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