The Man Who Knew Too Much

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Que Sera Sera, Hardy Boys

Down in the dungeon, Castiel calmly examines the sheet of paper upon which he'd inked the late Doctor Eleanor's instructions for opening the portal until the din of the struggle above makes it impossible for him to think. Soon enough, Crowley materializes behind him, and he opens with a terribly snide, "Never underestimate The King Of Hell, darling." Crowley's there, of course, to "re-renegotiate" the terms of their agreement, but Castiel's not having it, and he zips around to lay one of his brain-searing hands on Crowley's forehead. One problem: It doesn't work. D'OH! Crowley, you see, is now under the protection of Raphael, who flutters in at Crowley's side to silently menace My Busted Baboo straight into the episode's next CHOMP!-less commercial break.

Castle Crowley, Dungeon Division. Immediate aftermath. I swear to God, I listened to Castiel, Crowley, and Raphael blather away at each other over and over again at least nine times in a row, but I can't think of a single interesting thing any one of them had to say to each other. Basically, Castiel's just been outclassed, and he knows it, so he flutters off in fear for his life, leaving his Jar O' Blood behind. "Is this over yet?!" Almost, Raoul. Almost. "Good! You're beginning to look a trifle peaked! [Slurp!]"

And as the moon moves into full eclipse, Crowley and Raphael stand in front of the sigil they'd painted onto one of the dungeon's walls using the contents of Castiel's Jar O' Blood, and Crowley Latinates at length.

Up on the street, Dean struggles to rouse himself into a state of sludgy semi-consciousness in the ruins of the Impala, with Bobby taking an agonizingly long period of time to do the same. They begin wriggling their way out of the wreckage as we head back down into...

...the dungeon, where Crowley's still Latinating. I've heard there are people who would willingly pay cash money to watch Mark Sheppard read the phone book. I am not one of those people, but I'm pretty sure you can't get much closer to that than this. And that is not a compliment.

Meanwhile, Dean and Bobby have somehow managed to elude both Crowley's henchdemons and Raphael's angelic minions to gain access to the Castle proper, and they now tippy-toe out onto the landing overlooking the dungeon floor, where Crowley's sonorous tones immediately render them unconscious again. Kidding! I'm totally kidding. They actually sneak one of those Angel-Smiting Scimitars from Bobby's trusty duffel, and Dean takes careful aim with the thing at the back of Raphael's head. He hurls it at her, but Raphael's lightning-quick reflexes allow her to snatch the weapon clean out of the air. Raphael tosses a mildly annoyed side-eye over her shoulder, and then Crowley whaps both Bobby and Dean upside the head with a blast of telekinetic energy that sends them alternately tumbling down the stairs and pitching over the side of the landing's railing to crash in battered heaps upon the tiles below. "VIOLENCE!" And as Crowley resumes his by-now-epic bout of Latination, we return to...

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