The Man Who Knew Too Much

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Demian: D | 5 USERS: B-
Que Sera Sera, Hardy Boys

So, Amnesiac Sam focuses in on that particular volume, and when he thinks real hard about the author's name, he gets flung into a bad acid flashback to the most recent episode, wherein he spots glimpses of Dean at Bendy Lisa's hospital, The Brat in that purloined Jeep Liberty, Balthazar agreeing to be a double agent, Bobby chilling at The Emporium, and the summoning ritual he and Dean performed out in The Emporium's yard. He also gets a quick vision of the neon sign hanging from the side of The Nite Owl Motel, and when he comes to -- face-down on a table, natch -- he immediately asks the barmaid for a computer.

One fast deployment of Super-Smart Sammy's mad Googling skillz later, and he's landed on The Nite Owl's homepage. "You think you're staying in this dump?" the barmaid asks, wrinkling her nose. "Maybe," Amnesiac Sam nods. "Maybe you're a hooker," the barmaid sasses. "I guess I'll find out!" Amnesiac Sam grins after a beat. He thanks her profusely for her time, so polite is he even when he can't remember his name, and he rises to leave, but the barmaid insists on tagging along, even after Amnesiac Sam points out he could be an insane serial killer for all they know. You know, more or less. "If I let you go off alone," she shrugs, "I won't be able to sleep at night." And with that, she grabs her jacket, and they're off to...

...The Nite Owl. Amnesiac Sam's addled brain is telling him he'd choose the "ground floor corner room nearest the fire escape" for his sojourn, as that would be the easiest room to escape from, so they head inside and rap on the door to the room in question. Not receiving an answer, they jimmy the lock, and they enter to find hundreds of newspaper clippings and drawings taped to the walls. "I love what you've done to the place," the barmaid snarks. "It's very Beautiful Mind meets Seven." The barmaid also finds a stack of fake government IDs that claim Amnesiac Sam is, variously, Jimmy Page, Neil Peart, and Angus Young. She also admits she's getting a little freaked out by it all, and yet she makes no move to leave. Hmmm. "Demian, darling!" Yes, Raoul? "You already told those dear people that this is a hallucination, so why bother being coy about it all?!" As usual, you're right, friend of friends. "Thanks! [Slurp!]" Now, where was I? Oh, yes: Amnesiac Sam acknowledges the strangeness of the situation, then allows himself to be drawn in to one particular bit of newsprint on the wall, an article entitled "SFU PROFESSOR MISSING." Doctor Eleanor's grim-looking face stares back at Amnesiac Sam from the wall, effectively hurling him into a bad acid flashback to...

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