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The Hardy Boys Are Still Talking About Dead Amy

Casa Camille. Aftermath. A deeply traumatized Melanie emerges into the rain to collapse into the just-arriving Dean's arms, and...scene.

The next morning finds Our Intrepid Heroes back in Melanie's tastefully appointed living room, where Dean rages about the latest depressing turn of events until a very damp Melanie emerges from the bathroom, where she'd apparently spent the last several hours treating herself a full Silkwood. There's not much she has to add to what she's already told them of Camille's unfortunate off-screen demise, so Sam and Dean head back to...

...the cemetery, where they busy themselves desecrating Margaret Fox's grave in broad daylight. One problem: Someone's already removed the corpse's bones. D'OH! And as Our Intrepid Heroes dejectedly trudge back to the crapped-out Dodge Challenger, Sam frets, "If someone knew enough to take Margaret's bones, they're not kidding around -- that's serious binding magic." Sam suggests they give the ever-reliable Bobby a call for a much-needed assist, but something on the slip of paper Dean's just distractedly pulled from his pocket has caught his eye. It's a flyer for the annual festival, and wouldn't you know it? The festival's headliners were meant to be Imelda Graven, Grandma Goldy, and Nikolai Lishin. D'OH! Again!

Cut back to Melanie's tastefully appointed living room. Melanie confirms Dean's suspicion that Camille was asked to take Nikolai's place after the spoon-bender's most spectacular demise. "Your grandma was headlining at the big hall," he reminds her. "Who do you think they would ask to fill in for her?" "Probably me," Melanie realizes. DUN!

Lily Dale Flea Market. Darling Sammy heads up to the counter and demands the name and address of the person who purchased an ashwood altar in the last week. Jimmy Tomorrow happily complies. And just how does Darling Sammy know that someone purchased an ashwood altar at The Lily Dale Flea in the last week? Beats the living crap out of me. Next!

Manse Melanie. Dashing El Deano lays down a thick circle of salt in the middle of Melanie's tastefully appointed living room, the implication being that Melanie will remain within its boundaries until Darling Sammy's successfully destroyed whatever's left of Margaret Fox's earthly remains. "Does it hurt them?" Melanie asks. "Burning their bones?" Dashing El Deano's forced to admit he never actually considered that possibility, but he imagines it does. "Good," Melanie nods.

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