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The Hardy Boys Are Still Talking About Dead Amy

Meanwhile, some dizzy broad wanders into the diner from outside and stops dead in her tracks, for she's recognized Our Intrepid Heroes from their doppelgangers' well-publicized rampage across America "a couple weeks back." "You're the brothers!" the dizzy broad gasps. Sam and Dean take great pains to hastily assure her they are not, in fact, "the Winchester guys," and that "those depraved killers got put down like the dogs they were." The dizzy broad blithers something about misreading the boys' auras, or some such bullshit, and it's all just an excuse to have the woman's heavily accented dining companion stride over and introduce himself. According to the card he offers Sam, this elaborately coiffed and uniquely goateed gentleman is one "Nikolai Lishin," the world-famous Russian spoon-bender. He's also one of the headliners at Lily Dale's annual festival, by the by, and he invites the boys to drop in on his "demonstration," if you know what he means, and I think you do. "I do not!" Quiet, lizard -- I'm trying to get us to the next good part with a minimum of hassle, here. "Okay!" I do so love it when you're being agreeable.

Anyway, Nikolai hoists Sam's teaspoon into the air, grunts at it, and retreats with his dizzy associate to their booth, thereby finally allowing Sam a chance to get down to business. He spreads his little case file out on the table for Dean's perusal, and we learn that the first Lily Dale victim was "Imelda Graven," a medium "brained by her own crystal ball." The glorious pre-credits death sequence took from our world one "Grandma Goldy," and Dean immediately notes from the vivid crime-scene photographs that both Imelda and Goldy were wearing the same necklace. "Yeah," Sam confirms, "Imelda gave it to Goldy in her will." Dean guesses they're looking at a cursed object, here, and Sam agrees it's an avenue of inquiry they'd be wise to pursue, especially since Goldy's next-of-kin is also a psychic in town and therefore the next likely victim, should that person have inherited Goldy's effects. Dapper Sam turns his attention towards sweetening his coffee, only to have his trifled-with spoon crap out on him by bending in half, seemingly of its own accord. Dapper Sam unleashes a relatively minor bitchface in Nikolai's general direction while griping, "He broke my spoon!" and with that, we're off to...

...the tastefully appointed home of one "Melanie Golden." The Dapper Duo climb Miss Melanie's front steps just as she happens to emerge onto the porch with a friend, whom we learn had stopped by to offer her condolences. Melanie's the granddaughter of the late Grandma Goldy, you see, and after the friend takes her leave, Miss Golden invites the boys in for a chat. For whatever reason, they decide to treat us to a lengthy review of Miss Melanie's biography instead of getting straight to the point, so long story short, Melanie's a regular on "The Circuit," even though she freely admits she's not actually a psychic. She "reads" people instead, you see, relying primarily on body language, and as an example, she accurately notes that Sam and Dean are "longtime partners" with "a lot of tension." "You're pissed," she determines, gesturing first in Sam's direction. "And you're stressed," she continues, focusing her attention on Dean. The Dapper Duo looks abashed as Miss Melanie shrugs, "It's not brain surgery." It's also why she and her grandmother never quite saw eye-to-eye regarding their chosen profession. While Goldy unapologetically indulged in the "full smoke-machine" nonsense, a part of her "actually believed in all that stuff." "You don't?" Dean eyebrows. "You do?" Melanie sasses back. "I've got an open mind," Dean mildly allows, and a bit of silent flirting follows until Sam finally thinks to ask about the suspicious necklace. "Don't have it," Melanie immediately replies. The late Grandma Goldy had some vague deal with a local merchant, so if The Dapper Duo's looking for something specific, they'd best head over to...

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