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The Hardy Boys Are Still Talking About Dead Amy

Murder Scene. Aftermath. The Dapper Duo arrives to survey what little remains of the spoon-bender's most spectacular demise, and after a few quippy remarks from Dashing El Deano, the two cross the room to see if the local police chief's received any leads. "I got leads coming out of my ass," the head cop wearily sighs. "Our tip line's had forty-six calls," he explains, "all from clairvoyants that know what really happened." "What's the popular theory?" Dean hesitates to ask. "It's a toss-up between a ghost and some sort of ogre that only attacks Russians." "That would be Kip!" Raoul shrieks with a confidence unusual even for him, and do I want to ask, friend of friends? "Well!" Raoul shriekingly allows. "It is rather a lengthy story!" Then we must save it for another time, I'm afraid. "Rats!" I realizes this disappoints you, doll, but we really must use the now to follow along as Our Intrepid Heroes learn Nikolai had apparently been struck with a detailed premonition of his own spectacular demise shortly before said spectacular demise transpired, and we'd hear more about this fascinating discovery, I'm sure, were it not for the fact that Miss Melanie chooses this very moment to ring Dashing El Deano's cell. "Did you mean it when you said you had an open mind?" Miss Melanie asks. Dean goes, "Hmmmm!" and then it's off to...

...Manse Melanie, where the lady of the house reveals that her late grandmother had also been struck with a detailed premonition of her own spectacular demise shortly before said spectacular demise transpired. The Dapper Duo, perched side by side on Miss Melanie's tasteful sofa, listen intently as Melanie notes, "She said she was in a séance, then the lights go, it's freezing..." "Wait," Darling Sammy interrupts. "She said that? That the room got cold?" Melanie's all, "Um. Yeah. Is that important?" Our Intrepid Heroes exchange A Look Fraught With Significance and silently agree to blow their cover, with Dean delicately explaining that the mediums of Lily Dale are being offed by an actual, honest-to-God ghost. Melanie takes a moment to absorb that unsettling bit of information, then sighs, "I need a drink." "Atta girl!"

Afterwards, Sam and Dean descend the steps from Melanie's front porch, loudly processing their way through recent developments as they go. It's clear to them that they're not dealing with "your average spook tied to a house," and as Lily Dale is "packed with people summoning spirits," the boys have little choice but to "split up and canvass" the town. Which they do, after a bit of grumbling from Dashing El Deano regarding Sullen Sammy's ongoing bout of whiny pissiness.

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