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Elsewhere, Melanie's as-yet-unnamed friend -- here doing business as "Sister Thibodeaux," a garishly attired island-accented nightmare in the Miss Cleo mold -- counsels an anxious and extremely gullible client regarding the latter's utterly irrelevant woes, and when that's over and done with, we watch as Sister Thibodeaux stashes her hefty fee away in a lockbox until...she's struck by a debilitating premonition right there in the middle of her parlor! DUN! Sister Thibodeaux's eyes flip milky-white, her breath streams visibly from her mouth in the sudden and drastic chill now enveloping the room, and she witnesses herself being choked to death by a pair of pale, bony hands as her cunning and incongruously chipper little cuckoo clock strikes two. It's enough to send the woman reeling backwards in shock, and barely has she composed herself again when...

...Miss Melanie materializes on her doorstep with Dashing El Deano at her side. "It's okay," Melanie assures her. "Like I said on the phone, he can help." "Phony lawman, huh?" Melanie's friend scoffs as she lets them in, and because I'm already sick of typing out "Melanie's friend" and "Sister Thibodeaux" over and over again, I'm just gonna spoil you all right here and now and start referring to this woman by her actual character name, which is "Camille," which we don't find out about until right before she dies. You can thank me later. "Okay!" In any event, Camille recounts the details of her debilitating premonition for Dashing El Deano's benefit. Unfortunately, her debilitating premonition did not include a clear view of her attacker's face. Fortunately, Camille's rigged up a tiny and artfully concealed video camera to capture all activity in her parlor, for whatever bizarre and paranoid reason, so Dean hooks the thing up to Camille's computer, and the three are soon scanning the footage for any pertinent information. A haze of supernaturally induced interference clouds the screen at a key moment, but Dean's somehow magically able to clarify the image, and we can see that Camille's spectral assailant is a primly dressed and dour woman from the late Victorian era. "You know," Melanie frowns as she stares at the spirit's unsmiling face, "I swear I've seen her -- like in a painting, or something." "One of those old photos in the museum!" she suddenly remembers, so it's off to...

...the commodious "LILY DALE MUSEUM OF CURIOSITIES," where a formally attired docent leads a tour group through the various exhibits while The Dapper Duo scan the hundreds of photographs lining the walls for any sign of Camille's spectral assailant. Purely by happenstance, I'm sure, the two meet up in front of a portrait of "The Mystifying Campbell Brothers," and Our Intrepid Heroes exchange yet another Look Fraught With Significance as the chatty docent ambles up behind them to drop the following bit of anvilicious science on their tantalizing asses: "Never ended well for the siblings -- the strain of working together, or maybe just being around each other their entire lives?" "Those two," the docent continues, indicating the Campbells, "were the exception." "Of course," he confides, "that was just a stage name -- they weren't actually brothers. It was a cover for their, um, alternative lifestyle." "Kinky!" Now, now, Raoul -- we can either mock at the docent's unfortunate choice of words, here, or we can marvel at the fact that what he's told them about the Campbells is actually true. "Let's mock!" Later. "Oh, poop!"

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