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The Hardy Boys Are Still Talking About Dead Amy

I understand your disappointment, friend of friends, but we really must get to the point of this scene, which is this: Sam indicates a stiff-looking portrait of The Fox Sisters on the wall, and inquires as to the ladies' particulars. The docent claims Kate -- the one from Camille's security camera footage, of course -- was both "mesmerizing onstage" and able to "foretell one's death," while Margaret apparently had no special gifts to speak of at all. After appropriate amounts of prompting from both Sam and Dean, the docent reveals that both Margaret and Kate are buried in the Lily Dale cemetery -- a claim which is actually false, as it turns out -- and at that, Sam motors on out of there to desecrate Kate Fox's final resting place. Dean would follow, I'm sure, were it not for the fact that the docent now grabs his arm quite unexpectedly. "I'm sorry," the docent apologizes, "I don't normally do this during business hours, but do you know an Eleanor, or an Ellen?" Dun-dun-DUN! Turns out the docent's one of the few actual psychics in town, and the sorely missed Ellen Harvelle has reached out from beyond the grave to entrust him with the following message for Dashing El Deano: "If you don't tell someone how bad it really is, she'll kick your ass."

Cut to the walkway outside the museum, and oh, my holy God. They're talking about Dead Amy again. AGAIN. Yes, I know I should be happy that they're at long last laying all of their Capital-I Issues out in the open, and yes, I know I should be especially happy that Dashing El Deano's finally -- FINALLY -- telling Sullen Sammy to "quit being a bitch," but you know what? I never bought that crap about Dead Amy and her supposedly deep and abiding connection to poor, tortured Sam in the first place, so I never gave a rat's ass about Dead Amy and her supposedly deep and abiding connection to poor, tortured Sam no matter how many times this frigging show insisted such a connection exists, so can we please skip all of this tedious, tedious bullshit about secrets and LIES and "family does the dirty work" and just desecrate a goddamned grave already?

THANK YOU. We've skipped ahead to that evening to find Sam and Dean dousing Kate Fox's earthly remains with salt and lighter fluid. Just as the boys are about to set the whole thing on fire, however, Spectral Kate comes roaring out of the surrounding gloom to knock Darling Sammy onto his remarkably healthy ass. "VIOLENCE!" Dashing El Deano darkly warns "Crazy Eyes" to back off, but Spectral Kate will not be deterred, and as she advances upon him with every last one of her yellowing teeth gleaming in the low beam of Darling Sammy's temporarily discarded flashlight, the ghost screams, "Listen to me! Why isn't anybody listening?" Unfortunately for her, Dashing El Deano's not exactly in the listening mood at the moment, and Spectral Kate finds herself exploding outwards in a massive gout of flame and gooey ghost bits the instant Our Intrepid Heroes ignite the mess in her grave. "Hooray!"

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