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The Hardy Boys Just Have Their Party On TV
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Rattle, Rattle BLOOD-RED THEN! Well, actually, it's now officially the "Orchestral Flourish BLOOD-RED THEN!" but I'm getting a late start to this week's recap, so we'll be ignoring that slight alteration in favor of joining Dashing El Deano as he reminisces about episodes past, specifically the season premiere, specifically the point in the season premiere wherein My Sweet Baboo entered his epically miserable and horrendously depressing life for the very first awesome time. Hooray! And after Castiel reminds us all he's an Angel Of The Lord inhabiting a human vessel so his true visage doesn't sear the pretty, pretty eyes straight out of Dean's pretty, pretty skull, we're treated to a brief overview of Insane Darling Sammy's sordid descent into the world of corpse fucking, followed by a brief overview of Insane Darling Sammy's sordid descent into the world of corpse sucking, and then it's time for everyone to shut the hell up for the...

...Slashy, Slashy NOW! The NOW! advances menacingly for a bit before dissolving into the gentle waves kicked up by a light breeze blowing across a ridiculously scenic lake somewhere remote, I'm sure, and a fishing float bobs by as the camera heads across the lake's surface to a wooden dock, upon which sits Dashing El Deano, basking in the amber glow of a perfect early-autumn afternoon with rod and reel in hand as he contentedly engages in what has got to be the most boring activity on the face of the planet. The camera leaps behind him to take in the entire gloriously dull scene for a moment before cutting briefly to focus in on his serene face and, of course, by the time the camera's returned to his back, My Sweet Baboo's popped up beside him in that delightfully unsettling way angels choose to appear. "We need to talk," Castiel intones, and Dean instantly realizes he's dreaming, as Castiel's taken to fluttering around inside of his head yet again. "It's not safe here," Castiel hastens to caution, asking to meet "someplace more private." Dean's all, "Buh? More private than my brain?" so Castiel's forced to reveal that any number of supernatural entities could be listening in at the moment. Dean would quite rightfully bitch about such entirely unnecessary intrusions into his subconscious, I'm sure, but something in My Sweet Baboo's troubled demeanor shuts him up, and he simply accepts the slip of paper Castiel places in his hand as Castiel instructs, "Meet me here. Go. Now." Castiel disappears off-screen, but in a nice touch, he drags some of the light from the scene with him as he goes, and Dream Dean glances around the somewhat darkened lake for a moment before...

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