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The Hardy Boys Go Back To The Future. Again.

"I'd say this conversation is long overdue, wouldn't you?" Michael smiles. "Fix him!" Dean grunts, almost choking on his own blood as he jabs a finger at Dead Sam's rapidly cooling corpse. "First, we talk," Michael mildly insists, "then, I fix your darling little Sammy." Shout-out? You decide. Dean, God love him, thinks to ask an excellent question, and wonders how Michael managed to get inside Doable John in the first place. "I told him I could save his wife," Michael replies, "and he said yes." "I guess they oversold me being your one and only Vessel," Dean sneers, and oh, wow. Exposition dump! Long story short, Dean is Michael's "true Vessel," but he's not Michael's only Vessel, because Vesseldom or Vesselhood or Vesselwhatever is, as previously established, determined by genetics -- or "bloodlines," as Michael here terms them -- and the bloodline for The Michael Vessel stretches from Dean through Doable John all the way back to "Cain and Abel," which makes no sense at all, because then Sam would also be an appropriate Vessel for St. Michael, but hey, leave me alone. I'm just typing out what the extraordinarily beautiful man on the TV is telling me to. And now he's telling me to transcribe the reason for Michael's visit. "I just want you to understand what you and I have to do," Michael begins, and then it all goes to hell when Dean shouts something nasty about the angels getting therapy rather than taking their psychodramas out on the Winchesters' home planet, and the extraordinarily beautiful man on the TV starts blathering some bullshit about raising Lucifer like the latter was his little brother, and how even though he loves his little brother very much, he's still going to gut his little brother like a trout when the appropriate time arrives because God says so. "Because God says so?" Dean repeats incredulously. "Yes," Michael nods before explaining, "From the beginning, He knew this was how it was going to end." "And you're just gonna do what God says?" Dean retorts, getting all blasphemous and such. "Yes," Michael nods again, "because I am a good son." Dean scoffs at that "good son" bit, leading Michael to shoot back, "And you think you know better than my Father? The one, unimportant little man? What makes you think you get to choose?" "Because I got to believe that I can choose what I do with my 'unimportant' 'little' life," Dean snots. Michael simply gifts his wayward Vessel with a smile and proceeds to school Dean on what it means when something's been foreordained, like so:

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