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The Hardy Boys Wanna Take a Ride on Your Disco Stick

By the next morning, Sam and Dean have somehow made it all the way back to Nonexistent Easter from wherever the hell Belthazor's palatial estate was supposed to be, and even more asinine than that is the fact that Sam's now loading his cache of weapons into Metallicar's bottomless trunk, despite the fact that the Nonexistent Easter Police Department had the better part of the last twenty-four hours to confiscate the ruined Charger and all of the materiel Sam left with Unconscious Aaron in This Week's Motel Room. Whatever, Supernatural. And after all of that stupidity has passed, Sam and Dean have the unmitigated gall to lean against the Impala for a marathon three-minute-long chat about How Sam Might Possibly Have Come Back Wrong For The Third Or Fourth Time Since This Godforsaken Show Began, and if Supernatural thinks I'm going to transcribe this crap, Supernatural can take a flying leap down a crocodile tube. Long story short, Dean thinks Sam Might Possibly Have Come Back Wrong For The Third Or Fourth Time Since This Godforsaken Show Began, and Sam denies it. The end! "Hooray!"

Oh, Raoul! I was so irritated by that last scene that I hadn't noticed you toddling back with that cunning little drinks cart of yours. "[Slurp!] Have a flagon!" I don't mind if I do. Would you care to cover next week's promo? "Oh, my! [Slurp!] I'd love to!" Excellent.

"Gather close, my pretties, for next week's no-doubt enthralling installment prominently features that delightful little hairball of a human being, and as much as it pains me to admit this, I do believe the irascible midget is in danger! I know! Well, you remember that saucy little demon man from last season?! The black-hearted knave who kissed the little hairball, and then told absolutely everyone about it!? He's back! I know! The beastly blackguard! Will that hapless little hairball of a man find himself positively humiliated in front of all of his friends and neighbors yet again?! Or will the saucy little demon man finally propose!? You'll have to tune in next Friday to find out, my pretties! Until then, kisses!"

Yeah, maybe I should have handled that one myself. "[Slurp!] Hee!"

Demian suspects there's some sort of horrific fan fiction floating around out there involving Crowley, Bobby, and a sling. Raoul simply hopes that the course of true love could this once run smooth. "Sigh! [Slurp!]" You may reach the former at The latter is an imaginary gay dragon on the Internet.

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