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The Hardy Boys Wanna Take a Ride on Your Disco Stick

In any event, after Belthazor makes a supremely unfunny crack about "a frog in one's throat," Castiel and his Eurotrash feather buddy get to chatting with each other, and does anyone really care about Belthazor's backstory or his boring brotherly psychodrama with Castiel at this point? "Certainly not!" Didn't think so, so long story short, the guy faked his death at some point last season and, taking a page from Castiel's very own destiny-defying playbook, swiped all those humanity-destroying goodies from the celestial armory and descended to Earth to live the good life for a while. Because of his eternal sense of loyalty to Castiel, though, he of course would like to help My Sweet Baboo in any way he can, but as he flat-out refuses to surrender the weapons, Castiel has little choice but to kick his dissolute behind. "VIOLENCE!" Well, Castiel would have little choice but to kick Belthazor's dissolute behind, I'm sure, but at this moment, a crash of thunder erupts outside on the estate's grounds to announce Raphael's arrival, so I'm afraid the mighty booting of debauched derrieres will be delayed for a moment or two. "Rats!" "Tell Raphael to bite me!" Belthazor smirks, and with that, Belthazor snaps his fingers again, plunging the ballroom into darkness while vanishing into the next METAL TEETH CHOMP!

Palatial Lawn. Immediate aftermath. Amid flashes of unworldly lightning, Raphael warns his henchangels to be on the lookout for any stray, snakelike Winchesters, while Castiel quietly panics upstairs in the still-darkened ballroom. A short time later, one of the henchangels tippy-toes up the palatial driveway with his Angel-Smiting Scimitar at the ready when Darling Sammy pops up from out of nowhere with an Angel-Smiting Scimitar of his own. The henchangel immediately zaps himself over to Darling Sammy's side to sneer, "You think you can knife-fight an angel?" "Who's fighting?" the suddenly appearing El Deano smirks from a nearby alcove, and no sooner have those words left his mouth than sneaky El Deano slams a bloody palm against the Angel-B-Gon sigil he'd smeared onto the estate's outer wall. The henchangel explodes backwards in a blast of brilliant white light, leaving Sam and Dean by their lonesome on the drive as...

...yet another burst of unworldly lightning lands the remaining henchangel in the still-darkened ballroom. Castiel at first attempts to reason with the guy, then sighs at the futility of it all and sends his Angel-Smiting Scimitar flying end over end into the remaining henchangel's chest. "Why won't any of you listen?" Castiel despairs as the remaining henchangel howls and wails and drops to the floor, dead. Raphael immediately materializes at Castiel's side and, yanking Castiel's head back by the roots of My Sweet Baboo's feathery coif, answers that question with, "They never listen, Castiel, because their hearts are mine." Um. DUN? I think that was a DUN!, but I'm not completely sure, and it doesn't really matter at this point, anyway, because Raphael's just hurled Castiel through a wall. "VIOLENCE!" Castiel, still suh-huuuuuucking at the hand-to-hand, basically lies there and takes it as Raphael boots him across the carpeting to the grand, curving, two-story stairwell, at which point Raphael sends My Sweet Baboo ass over end down the stairs like he's Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her. "I LOVE THAT MOVIE!" I know you do, my scaly friend, but let's focus, here, okay? "ISABELLA ROSSELLINI IS A GODDESS!" Raoul. "A GODDESS!" Would you please... "A GODDESS DIVINE!" Oy.

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