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Winchester Angst by Proxy
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THEN! Sam's voiceover reminds us of these guys named Ed and Harry who called themselves the Ghostfacers. They were ridiculous and clownish, and played at being ghost hunters when they were really just shameless fame whores. The Winchesters met them early in the series, when Sam still had bangs and Dean wasn't yet dead inside. Over the years, the angst between the Winchesters grew and festered, and erupted like a painful ass boil. Several times over. "We are family," Dean reminded Sam recently. "Everything that has ever gone wrong between us is because we're family," Sam reminded him right back. To illustrate this latest boil, the show plays back a scene of Dean beating the ever-loving snot out of Sam. Mind you, this is a fight that took place entirely in Sam's head, but they're not going to let crap like imaginary scenarios get in the way. Anyway, Sam said he would keep working with Dean, but the brotherly relationship was off the table. What, exactly, did that mean? They never really explained. "You didn't save me for me," Sam said. "You did it for you."

NOW! It's nighttime in Springdale, Washington, according to the helpful chyron. A teenaged girl prances about her bedroom, taking selfies with her phone and listening to terrible music. She hears a loud thud downstairs and peers into the hallway. "Mom?" she calls out. She gets no answer, so she goes back into her room. She's worried enough to lock her door, but not worried enough to stop perfecting her duck-lipped poses. When she swipes back over her pictures, she sees a man standing over her shoulder. His head looks like it's made of Silly Putty and coconut husks. The girl makes a face like, "Ugh, photobombers are the worst." She turns around slowly and sees him standing in the corner behind her. The lights blink out.

The girl runs into her closet and draws the louvers shut. She calls 9-1-1 on her phone. "There's someone in my room," she whispers. She starts crying and can't manage to get out her address when asked. A knife inches toward her shoulder from behind, held by a normal-looking human hand. She screams and the camera jumps outside the closet door just as blood comes pouring through the louvers. Cue the winged title card. Flap... flap... kaboom!

Lair O' Letters. Sam's poking at his laptop in the library when Dean stops by, carrying his duffel in one hand. "All right, I'll be back," Dean says. He starts to leave without waiting for a response. "Where you headed?" Sam asks. No! He was almost gone! Let him go, dammit! "Washington; I caught a case," Dean says. "You want me to come with?" Sam asks. Dude, if he'd wanted you to come with him, he would have asked, or at least dropped some passive-aggressive little hints. "Do you want to come?" Dean asks, a bit surprised. "Why wouldn't I?" Sam asks. "Because lately with you, up is down and down is sideways," Dean says. Sam is like the Kama Sutra of emotions! Dean says he doesn't know what Sam wants, and Sam gives a frustrated sort of sigh, but says nothing. So Dean waves goodbye and hauls ass up the stairs.

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