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Winchester Angst by Proxy


There once was a lawman ignored,
By all that thought he was bored.
Yes, you and your kind
Were blind to the signs
That I'm really quite out of my gourd!


In a town that was known to be tiny
I was always left wondering "why me?"
No one knows I exist,
And yet I persist,
And seek fame as a killer so whiny!

Sam nods to Dean: Keep them talking while I try to free myself. Villains love talking, so it's easy to get them to blab about how they first met at a bar and soon found out they had a lot in common. By the time they get around to turning on the camera, the cavalry has arrived. The two psychos tape over Sam and Dean's mouths and go confront the goddamned Ghostfacers.

Ed and Harry poke around the old mill with flashlights drawn. They split up at one point, leaving Harry and his nuts vulnerable to Thinman's vengeful kicking. While Harry flails in agony, Thinman advances on him, knife drawn. Ed pops up behind him and points a gun at his head. "It's Scooby Doo time, douchebag! Take off the mask!" Man, when are amateurs gonna learn not to go for the quip? Somehow, this turns into an argument about the pronunciation of "meme," which gives COD plenty of time to show up and bash Ed over the head.

Thinman and COD march the goddamned Ghostfacers over to their staging area, blabbing about how and why they're going to kill them. This has given Sam and Dean the time necessary to escape their bonds. Fisticuffs ensue. Roger (for he's lost his mask again) moves to slit Harry's throat. Dean intervenes, and he and Roger struggle for the knife. Dean grabs the guy's hand and forces him to stab himself. It takes kind of a long time. Sam watches the whole thing with a frown, but doesn't say anything. I know the killing has sparked some debate on the forums about whether or not Dean did the right thing, but I found the death at the end of last week's episode far more disturbing. The Winchesters trussed up that guy Del and invited Mrs. Tran to kill both the demon and the innocent human being he was wearing at the time. ("Plus, they totally neglected to rescue me," says Jerome.) But back to the show at hand.

By now, the Completely Obvious Deputy has remembered he has a gun and has aimed it at Sam. "Wait!" Ed screams. He rushes to place himself between Sam and any imminent bullet. "This is all my fault," he says. "I got enough bullets for both of you," COD points out. Then Harry shoots him, because neither of the bad guys frisked him, or they would have found the little gun in his pants. Harry looks like he's going to puke as the deputy falls to the floor, dead. Dean lowers his gun for him.

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