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Winchester Angst by Proxy

Sometime later, the Winchesters pack up the car. "So, are we good in there?" Sam asks. "Yeah," Dean says. "With the Thinman footage and the way I set the bodies, there should be enough breadcrumbs to make it look like those two psychos offed each other." Sam looks concerned, either about Dean's mental state or about the state of humanity. "They were just people," he says. "They weren't demons, they weren't monsters..." I'd argue that you can be a person and a monster. Evil isn't a purview exclusive to the supernatural. Also: they kill people all the time. That most of them happen to be wearing demons at the time doesn't make them not people.

Nearby, Ed and Harry are having their little breakup scene. Just replay any number of recent arguments between the Winchesters and you have the gist of it. "I did all this crap for us," Ed/Dean says. "No, you did this for you," Harry/Sam says. He leaves Ed standing by the van and heads over to the Winchesters. "Can I get a ride from you guys?" he asks. "Yeah, sure," Dean says. They all pile into the Impala and drive away while Ed watches with tears in his eyes. Too bad nobody's there to shove a camera in his face and callously narrate it.

"Harry, are you okay?" Dean asks. "Yeah – I mean, no," Harry sighs. "You roll with a guy so many years, you start to think he's always gonna be next to you." I know it looks like droplets of rain on the windows, but they're actually tiny remnants of a giant anvil that broke up in the atmosphere above them. "Like when you're old, drinking on the porch, he'll be in the other rocking chair. Then something happens, and you realize that other chair is gone... empty." Shouldn't he have been picturing his future wife at his side? The Winchesters cast furtive glances at each other. "You know what I mean?" Harry asks. Sam and Dean just make sad faces without saying anything. They know what you mean, Harry. They know it like a hammer to the head, over and over and over again. And that... is how the episode ends. Maybe next time, Garth will show up with his sock puppets and reenact the Winchester angst that way, just in case the viewers haven't gotten it by now.

Tippi Blevins isn't 100% sure that lying to someone to stop him from getting married is the same thing as lying to someone to save his life. Contact her at, or find her her on Twitter: @TippiB.

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