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Winchester Angst by Proxy

Or maybe he drops his bag onto the nearest table and tells Sam all about the case. As we saw in the teaser, the girl's windows and doors were all locked from the inside. Dean shows Sam a picture of the girl and her murderous photobomber, which somehow ended up posted online. "Who's the wallflower?" Sam asks. "Best guess? A ghost caught on film," Dean says. Sam thinks it over, then starts packing up his gear, much to Dean's surprise. Couldn't they at least take separate cars? I know it's bad for the environment, but whatever. It's just the fictional environment anyway.

So they drive in what must be a painfully awkward silence all the way to Washington, where they pretend to be FBI agents to meet with the girl's mother. The carpet in the closet is still bloody. "I scrubbed for hours," she says. "I'll have to rip up the carpet. My daughter, Casey, picked out the color herself." Sam makes a sympathetic face and says, "We're very sorry for your loss, Mrs. Miles." Yes, it's very sad to lose a carpet.

While Dean slips away to scan for funky EMF readings, Sam questions Mrs. Miles. Did Casey have any enemies? Did they notice the electricity acting up? Mrs. Miles says there was nothing like that, and no cold spots, either. Dean looks up from across the room, like, interest piqued. "Why do you mention cold spots?" he asks. She explains she was frustrated with the police, and couldn't afford a private investigator. "So, when the supernaturalists called... I know to the FBI it's not exactly orthodox, but these men had answers had answers no one else had." She says they're coming by later to have a look. "Did these 'supernaturalists' give you a name?" Dean asks.

For an answer, we cut to a white van emblazoned with the Ghostfacers logo. Sigh. Goddamned Ghostfacers. Sam and Dean come face to face with the van as the goofy theme music plays. "Son of a bitch," Dean grumbles.

The van is parked outside a diner, and inside the diner sits the goddamned Ghostfacers themselves. Ed checks his phone. "Oh, wow, look! We got two more followers!" Harry makes a noncommittal sound, because he's busy checking his own phone. He's obsessing over someone's Facebook page. "What did Dana post?" Ed asks. "It's just... she changed her profile pic," Harry says. He shows his pal the pic in question, complaining that he can see some guy's arm around her shoulders. His obsessing is cut short when the Winchesters slide into the booth seats next to them. (Notice that the seats are parallel and that Sam sits next to Harry while Dean sits next to Ed. "NOTICE IT!" screams the show.) "Oh, the Winchesters, yay," Harry says. "Says no one ever," Ed amends for him. Dean ignores the snarky greeting. "You two clowns are going to get in that Mystery Machine outside, and you're gonna leave town," he says. "Or I'm gonna put holes in your knees." The goddamned Ghostfacers scoff at the very idea.

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