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Winchester Angst by Proxy

Before the discussion can continue, though, a waiter approaches the table to offer them some coffee. The fellow is tall, skinny and conspicuously awkward. His boss comes over to conspicuously berate him for the poor job he's doing. "There's still crud on these plates," the boss says. "Sorry, Trey," the waiter mumbles before slinking away... conspicuously.

"First of all," Harry says, "you guys don't scare us." He pulls up his shirt to reveal the small gun tucked into the waist of his jeans. "Say hola to my little pistola!" Ugh. Thanks for the close-up of his gnarly belly button, too, show. It looks like his stomach is eating a lima bean. Dean smirks. "Am I supposed to be impressed by that treasure trail, or by the lady gun you got hiding in your pants?" He calls them out for being the gross little fame whores that they are. Arguments ensue. Boring, boring arguments. During the bickering we learn that Ed and Harry – or the Dumpy Duo, as Dean calls them – is all that's left of the Ghostfacers. The others had the sense to ditch them, it seems. Dean makes one last push to get them out of town. "Look, this ghost will land you two dead in five seconds flat," he says. "They think it's a ghost," Harry laughs to Ed. "Okay, what do you think it is?" Sam asks, finally joining the conversation. Instead of answering, Harry sneers and blurts out, "Amazon me, bitches!" So the Winchesters go find some of those murderous Amazon women from Season 7 and sic them on these idiots.

Or maybe they go back to their motel room and hop online, where they learn that the goddamned Ghostfacers have written a book titled The Skinny on Thinman. "What the hell's a Thinman?" Dean wonders, reading the laptop screen over Sam's shoulder. Sam clicks on a picture that shows a skinny, faceless guy wearing a fitted cassock, while a jogger speeds by him, unaware of his presence. "That does look kind of like whatever was behind Casey Miles," Sam says. Dean rolls up his sleeves, and for a moment I get excited that they're going to give us a peep of the Mark of Cain. But no, his forearm appears to be as featureless as Thinman's face. Dean isn't impressed. Sam reads from an excerpt of the book: "Thinman, an urban legend started on the world wide web, lurks in the background of his victims' lives until he's ready to kill them."

The Winchesters argue. Sam thinks they're onto something new; Dean thinks it's just a regular ghost. Sam thinks Dean is letting his dislike of the goddamned Ghostfacers cloud his judgment; Dean reminds him he got EMF readings from Casey's room. Sam points out the house was close to power lines which could have messed with the readings; Dean points out right back that the girl died in a locked room. Sam blah blah blah; Dean blah blah blah. Dean pulls out his own laptop and gets busy looking up any deaths that might have spawned an angry spirit.

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