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Winchester Angst by Proxy
Whose origins were really so dim.
All my research has said
That no one who's dead
Unearthed a ghost, vamp or Jinn.


But a legend was urbanly known,
On the 'net with images shown.
A man with smooth head
Stalked the soon-dead.
The proof should leave your mind blown!

"So, Thinman's stalking folks?" Dean asks. "According to the lore," Sam says. "According to the idiots," Dean corrects him. He wonders why they haven't heard of any of the deaths before now. Sam says the deaths themselves didn't seem terribly supernatural, plus all the photos except Casey's look pretty fake. "Casey's photo wasn't doctored," he says. "Whatever was behind her... was really there." Dean is more boggled than ever. "How can something be both real and fake at the same time?" he asks. I dunno... how can you guys be brothers and not brothers at the same time? Anyway, don't most of the monsters on this show look pretty awful in the CGI department? That's why so many of them just look like regular people with glowing hands. They decide to figure out how Casey's pictures got from her phone to an internet forum.

So their next stop is the sheriff's office, where the deputy greets them with a big box of evidence from the crime scene. "Is the sheriff around? We got a couple questions we'd like to ask him," Dean says. "Sorry to disappoint, but the sheriff's on a hunting trip," the deputy says. "But I sure appreciate you agents being here! I could use all the help I can get." He's so obviously in on the murder that he shall henceforth be known as the Completely Obvious Deputy, or COD for short. "Was this cracked when you found it?" Sam asks, holding up Casey's phone. "Yeah, maybe she dropped it," says COD. The Winchesters are baffled about something, and talk it out.

There once was a problem of time,
'Tween death and pictures online.
How does one post
To the 'net if a ghost?
Boy, do our suits make us fine.

COD floats the idea that there's a supernatural explanation for all this. "A couple of fellas came by asking questions about the girl's death," he says, "suggested they might be able to help." He gleefully mentions the book these fellas gave him. The Winchesters are so annoyed that maybe this is why they don't notice how weird the deputy is acting.

Diner. That annoying manager is counting up the receipts, all alone and in the dark, when he hears a knock at the front door. He peers outside, sees nobody, and goes back to work. He hears the knocking again, and pulls up the security camera feeds on his computer. He cycles through all the cameras, noting nothing out of place until he gets around to the one that's pointed at him. That's when he sees the bald, faceless man in the cassock standing behind him. He turns around just in time to get slashed across the throat. His blood sprays across a fridge full of mayo and ketchup. Nooo! Not the condiments!

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