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Winchester Angst by Proxy

The Winchesters arrive at the diner the next morning to find the goddamned Ghostfacers already there. "What are these two crap shoots doing here?" Dean asks COD. "Well, I figured it wouldn't hurt to go a little Medium," COD says. Ed and Harry crawl all over the counter to contaminate the crime scene and record footage of the dead manager. Dean makes no attempt to hide his disdain for the whole situation. Sam heads off with COD to look at the security camera video.

Dean walks over to the counter and slaps Harry on the ass. Harry yelps and clambers down off the counter. "I thought I told you to beat it," Dean says. "What, are you gonna out me, agent?" Harry asks, making air quotes around the last word. This gets Dean to back down just a bit, instead of making him punch the guy in the throat. They argue about whether or not they're dealing with a Tulpa (they're not), and whether or not the goddamned Ghostfacers are just fame-seeking assholes (they are). "Thinman is part man, part tree," Ed explains. "Some people believe he emerged from the nightmare of an autistic boy," Harry says, speaking melodramatically into the camera.

Sam and COD call everyone over to watch the security video. "Check it out," Sam says. Good thing you said that, Sam, or nobody would have known to look at the screen. "Whoa," Ed and Harry say in unison. "How did he jump from the parking lot to the diner?" Dean asks. "Everyone knows Thinman can teleport," Harry sighs. "I didn't even get a blip on my EMF," Ed notes, consulting his reader. "You Feds believers now?" asks COD with unconcealed excitement. Ed and Harry scamper away, with Ed seeming particularly nervous for some reason.

Under the light of a full moon, the goddamned Ghostfacers speed away in their ridiculous van. "Holy wow," Harry gushes, checking his laptop. "Someone posted the Thinman diner footage to the comments section of our blog!" Harry is thrilled, but Ed seems genuinely freaked out. Harry starts changing out of his street clothes into an all-black ensemble. "Why are you putting your ninja outfit on?" Ed asks. "I'm not gonna wait for somebody else to die," Harry says. "I'm gonna find Thinman tonight!" He plans to go wander around the woods, since that's where everyone knows Thinman likes to hide. Again, Ed wants to hand the case off to the Winchesters, and again Harry scoffs at the idea. He sees this as their chance to make up for everything they've lost.

Motel. The Winchesters have another sit-and-chat over beers and road food. "When I think of teleporting, I think of Crossroads demons," Sam says. I think of Star Trek. "Yeah, a demon that likes to stab and watch YouTube," says Dean, around a mouthful of trans fats. Sam mentions that the diner video is already online. "It's like somebody wants people to see Thinman in action," he says. "'Cause people are sick," Dean says. All this talk of viral videos reminds Dean of happier times: "Remember when you were five, and got dressed up as Batman and jumped off the shed because you thought you could fly?" Sam's like, "After you jumped first!" Dean's all, "Hey, I was nine, and I was dressed up like Superman! Everybody knows that Batman can't fly." They both have a laugh about it. Sam broke his arm and Dean took him to the emergency room on the handlebars of his bike. Say it with me now: Aww. Then they get all sad, because of how much they suck now.

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