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Winchester Angst by Proxy

Ed barges into their room before they can get any sadder. "I gotta tell you guys something important and then the case is yours," he says. The Winchesters make serious faces.

Before I can translate the ensuing exposition into limericks, we join Harry in his hunt for Thinman. With camera in hand and flashlight perched atop his head, he prowls around a parking lot at the edge of a wooded area. A woman packing groceries into her minivan gives him a wary look, but keeps packing away. You'd think with two murders in the last few days, people would be a little more freaked out by random weirdos like that. "Harry here," he narrates to his camera. "Investigating a possible Thinman habitat... in the woods!" A car drives along a well-lit street mere feet away. He blathers on and on in "comedic" fashion, but it's nothing you need to remember.

Back at the motel, Ed is in the middle of his confession. The other Ghostfacers left to pursue their own dreams, and Ed was mostly happy for them. "But Harry? I couldn't let him give into his girl," he says. "I mean, she called the Ghostfacers stupid!" Ed continues his confession...

There once was a buddy named Harry,
Whose girlfriend he wanted to marry.
But Ed hadn't the stones
To go it alone,
So he invented a monster so scary.

The Winchesters look horrified. Ed looks embarrassed. Recapper looks at a rhyming dictionary.

Meanwhile, Harry is still on his crawl through the suburban wilds. He's so busy narrating his hunt that he doesn't notice Thinman hiding in the shadows behind him.

Back to the motel room of revealed deceptions. "So you're saying this crap is actually crap," Dean recaps. Ed explains how he did it: "One old photo of a butler and a lot of Photoshop later, I posted it online horror forums under Anonymous." He says he just faked the one case, but then other people started posting their own pictures. "It was so awesome to have a following," he says, "and Harry was just so into it!"

"You have to tell him," Sam says. "If I tell him, he'll leave the Ghostfacers," Ed says. "If you don't tell him, he's gonna leave anyway," Sam says. "Trust me: secrets ruin relationships." The camera's focus shifts to Dean, the teller of secrets and ruiner of relationships. Ed resists, but even Dean – the lying liar who lies – has to insist upon the truth.

Harry comes across a few scattered twigs on a pathway. "It looks like a formation... of sticks," he describes for his future viewers. "It could have been left here for us by Thinman." He hears a rustling in the distance and freaks out. "We! Are not! Alone!" He turns the camera around to record his reaction, and sees Thinman peering over his shoulder. He turns around and gets a blade to the gut. Even still, he manages to knee his attacker in the nuts. Thinman makes a mental note to invest in an athletic cup as Harry makes his escape.

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