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Winchester Angst by Proxy

He runs into the road just as the Winchesters and Ed drive up. Everybody stares at him, and at the blood pouring through his fingers where he's holding his belly. His knees buckle, but the Winchesters rush to catch him as Ed looks on in guilty horror.

It all seems very dire, but Sam bandages him up during a commercial break and he seems none the worse for wear. His enthusiasm certainly hasn't dimmed. "We were right, Ed! Thinman's real!" Ed just makes a guilty face. Dean rejoins them after having a look around. "There's some fresh tire tracks back there," he says. Harry doesn't understand why they're looking for a car when Thinman doesn't drive. The Winchesters fix Ed with accusatory looks. "Uh, Harry," Ed starts to say.

Then suddenly they're at the motel, and Ed's already confessed his dirty sins. Not that I was looking forward to the talk, but it seems like a weird transition. "Why didn't you tell me that before?" Harry asks. "Because I thought you were gonna get mad," Ed says. "I am mad – really, really mad," Harry says. "I was gonna get married! I left her to run around with you, living some lie!" They then proceed to have a rehash of any number of the Winchesters' arguments, about Dean saving Sam for selfish reasons and Sam being forced to give up what he wanted. "You couldn't have been that hot to marry her if you ran off with me based on a fuzzy internet picture," Ed says. Or maybe he actually just tells Harry to call his ex and try to get back together with her. But Harry says it's too late for that, because blah, blah Facebook status. "I can't trust you anymore," says Sam – er, Harry.

Ed leaves the room to give him some time to think, and runs into Sam in the hallway outside. "How'd it go?" Sam asks. "It... went," Ed says, wandering off to investigate the coffee machine.

Sam takes his turn talking to Harry. "None of it was real, Sam. Ed was just pretending, and now he wants me to pretend, like this is just something I could get past." Sam makes a serious face and says, "Yeah, I know what you mean." Because I'm totally you and you're totally me! Harry gives him a confused look, so Sam goes on to explain. "Look, there are things you can forgive, and there are things you can't." Harry doesn't know which one of those this is, and Sam can't decide for him. Dean knocks on the door to tell Sam he's got info on the tire treads he found.

They take the discussion into the hallway. "The tires were only made for one kind of car: a 1989 Geo Metro," Dean says. How incredibly convenient. It's like on those CSI: Wherever shows, when the killer leaves behind a fiber that could only come from one individual shirt. The Completely Obvious Deputy says there's only one of those in town and it belongs to some guy who works at the local mill. "So this thing teleported, but it has a job and a car," Sam says. "What are we dealing with?" Dean says, "Let's go find out." As they head out, we get a look at the motel hallway. The place has a sawmill theme, so the walls are festooned with rusty ol' saws, which seems like a big ol' lawsuit just waiting to happen.

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