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Winchester Angst by Proxy

Ed, who was hiding around the corner, has overheard the whole conversation and rushes back to the room to tell Harry. They argue about what they should do, and why they should or shouldn't do it. "I can make this right for the both of us," Ed says. "We can make it right," Harry corrects him. "You wanna come with me?" asks Dean – er, Ed – with clear surprise.

Mill. The Winchesters are surprised to find the Completely Obvious Deputy waiting for them. "I thought we said my partner and I would care of this," Dean says. "Look, guys, my boss is AWOL," COD says. "I killed him and now I've lured you here so I can kill you, too!" Or maybe he just says he needs to be there because they don't have a warrant. As soon as the Winchesters turn their backs, the guy zaps them both with stun guns. Sam and Dean drop like sacks of oblivious potatoes.

They waken some time later, cuffed to chairs inside the mill. COD busies himself with setting up a camera and lights. "So you're Thinman," Dean grumps. "That would make sense if it didn't look like you just ate a fat camp." Not everyone can live and eat like a long-haul trucker and still look like a male model, Dean. COD ignores him and goes about finishing his stage preparations. He pulls down a backdrop like a cheap photography studio would use. Why use the actual trees outside when you have crummy-looking picture of them instead? "So, what are you, Norwood?" Sam asks. "A demon? How'd you teleport back at the diner?" He finally stops his prep work to answer: "Team effort." Thinman, who's been waiting nearby for his cue, steps out of the shadows to reveal himself. He reaches for the back of his head and peels off his mask, revealing himself to be the conspicuous waiter from the diner.

Dean rolls his eyes. "So there was no teleporting," he says. "Just a couple of douchebags doing a Scream thing." Hey, now that he mentions it, Thinman does kind of look like that guy in the Edvard Munch painting, what with the face and the outfit... Oh, he probably meant the movie. Anyway, the waiter killed his boss because the guy was a jerk, and he killed Casey because she wouldn't go out with him. At this point, Dean notices the sheriff's corpse off to the side, wrapped in plastic. "I see the sheriff didn't make it out of town," Dean says. "He really should have given me that time off I asked for," COD says. "So you killed him?" Sam gapes. "I didn't kill anyone; Roger did," says COD. "He's the psycho, I'm the visionary." Yeah, pretty sure y'all are both psychos. The villains proceed to exposit their backstories.

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