Time After Time

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The Hardy Boys Talk Of Killing Time
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Rattle, Rattle WE DON'T GIVE A SHIT ANYMORE THEN!, and aside from the three seconds it takes to remind us all of Sheriff Jody's existence, the contents of this evening's THEN! have absolutely nothing to do with tonight's episode, so we'll be skipping ahead to the...

...Rattle, Rattle STILL NOT GIVING A SHIT NOW! Thunder rumbles ominously overhead as the camera fades up to peer from across the street at a dimly-lit gentleman ambling down a stretch of rain-dampened nighttime sidewalk. And as the gentleman, who's sporting a concealing calf-length black overcoat beneath an oddly anachronistic wide-brimmed black fedora, turns down an alleyway, the shot cuts to focus in on Dashing El Deano, who'd been suspiciously eyeing the gentleman's progress from the driver's seat of whatever crapped-out piece of trash he's been tooling around in this week. "All right," Dean mutters, cocking his trusty pearl-handled automatic. "Let's do this." "W-w-wait!" Darling Sammy splutters from the darkened depths of his side of the car before quite reasonably wondering, "What's the plan, exactly?" "Don't die," Dean grunts, and with that, Our Intrepid Heroes hop out of their crapped-out junker to skitter off after that mysterious man in black.

"He's heading downtown," Dean realizes as the boys gaze after the mysterious gentleman's rapidly diminishing form from an appropriately prudent distance, and because nothing bad ever happens to these two dimwits when they split up, ever, Dean decides to send Sam scurrying off down the street proper while he himself trails the mysterious gentleman through the alleyways of this as-yet-unnamed city all by his lonesome, the idea of course being that they'll end up attacking the mysterious gentleman from two sides. This should end well for everyone involved.

One quick time-lapsing cross-fade later, and we find ourselves staring at a row of exceptionally photogenic green plastic trash cans now lining a dark and forbidding alleyway. A dark and forbidding dead-end alleyway which, you know, means that Our Intrepid Heroes won't be able to attack the mysterious gentleman from two sides after all because there's only one entrance, so Dashing El Deano's cunning plan is already falling to ruin, and eventually, the moron in question rounds the far corner to find...the mysterious gentleman sucking the glowy red life-force from some anonymous bum! Dun-dun-DUN! "Son of a bitch!" Dean growls, and barely has the mysterious gentleman allowed the anonymous bum's now-desiccated corpse to drop down to the slick alleyway asphalt when Our Intrepid Idiot comes barreling at him to unleash a full-body tackle. Fortuitously enough, Darling Sammy wanders onto the scene from points elsewhere just in time to witness what follows, and what follows is this: As Dean wraps his fingers around the mysterious gentleman's throat, that glowy red life force said gentleman siphoned from the anonymous bum goes nuclear, and both Dean and the mysterious gentleman vanish in a screen-whitening burst of demonic mojo. D'OH! A small shockwave expands from the center of the explosion to whip through the alleyway, ruffling Darling Sammy's deeply perturbed sideburns as it goes, and once it's passed, Our Remaining Intrepid Idiot manages to bellow, "DEAN?!" right before his pretty, pretty face gets obliterated by tonight's...

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