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The Hardy Boys Talk Of Killing Time

We return from the break to find Lila futzing around with the grandfather clock in her tastefully appointed parlor, because Supernatural is nothing if not subtle. Chronos enters, orders her to pack a bag because they're blowing town, pronto, and if I cared at all about either one of these characters, I might have felt a tiny twinge of sadness when a woebegone expression flickered across The God Of Time's face at one point during this scene, but I don't, so whatever, and what the hell has Dashing El Deano been up to, anyway?

Oh, right: Ripping off Frequency. Yeah, yeah, he murmured " Back to the Future" when he first stumbled across his cunning plan to inform Sam of his whereabouts, but since they already violated that trilogy's relevant plot point at the end of "Frontierland," I guess they needed to rip off a different variation on the same theme for this evening's presentation. Though, you know, since they went to all that trouble last week to remind us that Western Courier still exists as a business entity on this show, I don't know why they didn't just have Dean send Sam an actual package, but whatever. Long story short, Dean invades the charming little two-story 1944 home that will eventually degenerate into This Week's Hovel and, after a lengthy bit of subterfuge and nonsense involving...something about termites I've already pretty much forgotten, Dean attacks the wainscoting in Sam's 2012 bedroom with a knife.

Cut to the present-day version of This Week's Hovel. Sheriff Jody enters the parlor with a tray full of carry-out snacks to find Sam passed out at the table, and she promptly orders him upstairs for some much-needed shuteye. Darling Sammy meekly obeys and, once he's sprawled out atop his sleeping bag in the hovel's only good bedroom, he realizes someone's scratched "SAM" into the bottom of the doorframe on the opposite side of the room. Dun-dun-DUN! Darling Sammy scrambles across the decrepit carpeting to pry the scratched-up square of woodwork from the wall, and he of course finds a yellowed piece of paper there waiting for him. So, yeah: Not so much with the Back to the Future, here. In any event, Sam elatedly leaps down the stairs to present the note to Sheriff Jody, and the most relevant bits of what Dean has to say in the letter are these: The date, which is November 5th, 1944, and the name of Chronos's beloved, which we already know. Now all they need to figure out is the actual hour and minute of Dean's promised confrontation with The God Of Time, and to get that, Sam and Sheriff Jody...

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