Time After Time

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The Hardy Boys Talk Of Killing Time

...track Lila Taylor down to a local retirement home, which is awfully convenient, but I haven't the strength to bitch about that now. Poor Lila's grown more than a bit senile over the years, but she'll never forget the events of November 5th, 1944, because that's "the night the clocks stopped." "The clocks stopped?" Sam dimly repeats. "Eleven thirty-four," Old Lila confirms, adding, "Every clock in the house." Old Lila then goes on to reveal that "Ethan" "choked the life out of" Dean that evening, which I mention only because of this: Does this assertion of hers mean that this episode's presenting us with two different timelines, one in which Dean dies in 1944, and the other in which he's -- spoiler! -- saved by Sam and Sheriff Jody's magical intervention? Or is senile Old Lila simply misremembering what actually happened that evening? The show never answers these questions during the course of this particular episode, but I'm throwing them out there on the off chance they might come into play later on in the season.

Oh, who am I trying to kid? They're never going to revisit this issue, ever.

Meanwhile, way, way back at the ranch, Dashing El Deano's just now returning to find that massive Ness-shaped hole Chronos punched through the wall of Young Lila's gardening shed a couple of scenes ago. Our Intrepid Hero cautiously tippy-toes his way up to Young Lila's porch, expertly picks the lock on her front door, and eases himself inside to take a quiet look around. Unfortunately, The God Of Time pops up from out of nowhere to pimp-slap his bow-legged ass clear across the first floor. Fortunately, Eliot Ness materializes at this very moment with Young Lila as his hostage, his loaded revolver pointed directly at her stomach. "Let's talk," Ness suggests. Please don't. Please -- please -- just kill something instead. I don't know why I bother with that request, though -- you know they're going to start yammering their idiot heads off at each other anyway the instant we return from this evening's final CHOMP!-less commercial break. Sigh.

This Week's Hovel. Sam and Sheriff Jody start prepping the summoning spell. Incidentally, the way these present-day scenes are frantically intercut from here on out with the final confrontation back in 1944 makes it seem like Sam and Sheriff Jody are under inordinate amounts of pressure to complete the spell in time to meet some urgent deadline, when really, they're not. At all. I mean, all they've got to do is smash up an hourglass in a bowl, scrawl "11:34" in blood on a piece of paper, and set fire to the whole thing while chanting some Craptin, and they could do that now, or a week from now, or a year from now, or whenever.

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