Time After Time

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The Hardy Boys Talk Of Killing Time

But I probably shouldn't waste precious minutes bitching about all that when I've got to listen to Jason Dohring deliver an absolutely interminable speech detailing how woefully misunderstood he is. Oh, wait a second -- I don't have to listen to Jason Dohring at all, do I? Hooray! Long story short, Chronos claims he sucks the glowy red life-force out of anonymous bums simply because it's the only way he can return to 1944 and his One True Love, Lila, and then he latches onto Dashing El Deano for whatever reason just as Young Lila's grandfather clock ticks over to the appropriate minute.

Back in This Week's Hovel, Sam and Sheriff Jody complete their spell.

Chronos and Dean -- and the pointy stick Dean got from Miss Ezra, natch -- vanish in a burst of screen-whitening demonic mojo that rips outwards to dump them both in...

...This Week's Hovel, where the pointy stick goes clattering across the floor to land at Sam's ginormous feet while Dean and Chronos break apart from each other, retching and staggering about for a bit from the stomach-churning effects of their precipitous lurch through time. Chronos recovers first, and yet another bout of manly fisticuffs ensues until Sam jams Miss Ezra's pointy stick right through the god's chest. And as Chronos drops to his knees on the hovel's floor, dying, he manages to rasp out this final little monologue as a parting Fuck You! to Our Intrepid Heroes: "You want to know your future? I know your future -- it's covered in thick, black ooze. It's everywhere -- they're everywhere! Enjoy oblivion! Muah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! [Dies.]" Our Intrepid Heroes shoot each other a matching pair of Looks Fraught With Significance at this, and then we finally cut to black.

Next week: A rerun of "The Girl Next Door," because Supernatural won't be airing another original episode until February 3rd. Have fun!

Demian has nothing further to add at this juncture. Raoul should have been back from bowling hours ago. You may reach the former at The latter is an imaginary gay dragon on the Internet.

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