Time After Time

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The Hardy Boys Talk Of Killing Time

The camera cuts to linger for a bit on the crumbling fa├žade of a ramshackle and fenced-off house in what the just-arriving location card assures us is "Canton, Ohio," before descending to capture Our Intrepid Heroes as they wheel up in whatever crapped-out piece of trash they're tooling around in this week. The boys are already kitted out in their FBI drag for the revelry to follow and, after Dapper Dean remarks snidely on the building's appearance, the two break in through the back door to set up residency therein for the remainder of the episode, because they're still avoiding tacky motel rooms. Inside, Dean does his best to set up a research station in the decrepit home's front parlor while Sam descends from above to note, "There's a semi-functioning bathroom and one un-rancid bedroom." "Define 'semi-functioning,'" Dean replies, "and do not use the words 'hole in the floor.'" Because Sam obviously has no choice but to use the words "hole in the floor" to describe the ruin's facilities, he remains silent for one awkward moment before positioning himself for a rousing game of Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who gets that one un-rancid bedroom. Dean follows his younger brother's lead, and it's one, two, three...

...un-rancid bedroom for Sam! A dejected El Deano wanders in from the hall just as Sam unrolls his sleeping bag and, after pouting in the doorway for a moment or two, he complains, "How does paper beat a rock? It's stupid!" Heh. Sam ignores this petulant outburst, as well he should, and Dean eventually vanishes to the comparative squalor of whatever gross room he's ended up with.

Some time later, Our Intrepid Heroes loiter on the sidewalk in front of the home of the only witness to the late Charles Durbin's untimely demise and, after reviewing a little file folder of relevant information they apparently swiped from the "STARCK COUNTY MORGUE" because even the props guys have given up on this pathetic wreck of a show at this point, Sam and Dean mount the porch steps to interrogate said witness. And as said witness is rather unamusingly stoned out of his gourd for the conversation that follows, I'll just skip ahead to the relevant bits of his testimony. Basically, Pothead Pete, here, saw that mysterious man in black from the top of the hour approach the soon-to-be-dead Charles Durbin a couple of nights ago, and as the stoner gazed on in muffle-headed amazement, the mysterious gentleman proceeded to suck Mr. Durbin's glowy red life-force right out of his body. Oddly enough, Pothead Pete's watch stopped while "Durbs" "aged before [the heavily medicated witness's bleary and bloodshot] eyes," and...that's about it, I think. Yeah? Yeah.

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