Time After Time

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The Hardy Boys Talk Of Killing Time

Our Intrepid Heroes retire to This Week's Hovel to process through all this new information, and long story short, Super-Smart Sammy deploys his mad Googling skillz to discover that strange corpse desiccations have been plaguing the city of Canton for the better part of the last hundred years. "Any pattern, here, other than location?" Dean wonders. Negative, Sam more or less replies, though he does note that the victims "seem to drop in threes." Super-Smart El Deano does some quick math and realizes this means the current cluster should produce at least one more leathery-skinned corpse before it's done, and assumes control of the laptop to deploy some mad Googling skillz of his own to hack into a local security firm's network of spy cameras. Just go with it. Dean quickly zeroes in on a set of cameras focused on the last known location of 2012's first mummified victim, and wouldn't you know it? There's that mysterious gentleman from the pre-credits sequence, lurking in the shadows! Sam squints at the image for a second, then calls up an old news article detailing The Great Canton Mummy Cluster Of 1957, which includes a photograph of the same mysterious gentleman rather stupidly looming over one of that year's bodies. DUN! That particular corpse had been found by a then-preadolescent girl named "Terry Cervantes," so Our Intrepid Heroes decide to look the young lady up in the now, and they discover her...

...working as a doctor in one of Greater Canton's finer medical facilities. In a remarkable stroke of luck, Middle-Aged Ms. Cervantes recognizes the mysterious gentleman as one of her parents' neighbors from back in the day, so Our Intrepid Heroes decide to look this mysterious "Mr. Snyder" up in the now, and they discover him...

...recreating the sequence of events from the top of the hour. Like, precisely recreating the sequence of events from the top of the hour, second by very long second, so you'll forgive me, I'm sure, if I skip ahead to the bit where both Dean and the mysterious Mr. Snyder vanish in a screen-whitening burst of demonic mojo, only to land in a sepia-toned version of the very same dead-end alleyway they'd just left. DUN! Dean grapples with the mysterious Mr. Snyder long enough to get a good, long look at his adversary's chunky silver signet ring, which prominently features an infinity symbol, but the mysterious Mr. Snyder manages to break free from Our Intrepid Hero's grasping hands and dash out into the street. Dean, never once noticing that the row of exceptionally photogenic green plastic trash cans has been suddenly replaced by a couple of beaten-up wooden barrels, chases after the mysterious Mr. Snyder with his trusty pearl-handled automatic at the ready, and it's only once he reaches the sidewalk that he realizes Something's Not Quite Right With Canton, Ohio. Specifically, knots of locals attired in the finest fashions of the early 1940s stare gape-jawed at him while two cops emerge from a silvery vintage Studebaker to demand he drop his weapon, now. D'OH! Befuddled El Deano wisely complies with the cops' request, and as he slowly raises his hands in the air in surrender, a languid little foxtrot -- this episode's only piece of period-appropriate music, by the way -- plays us out into this evening's first CHOMP!-less commercial break.

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