Time After Time

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The Hardy Boys Talk Of Killing Time

We return to find Dashing El Deano handcuffed in a subterranean interrogation room, spluttering out his cover story for the benefit of a bald-headed police officer who is not buying it, at all, mainly because Dean's fake FBI badge was issued "sixty-eight years from now." Super-Smart El Deano takes a very long few moments to count back from 2012 on his fingers and eventually gawps, "'Forty-four? I'm stuck in 1944?" "We're all stuck in 1944," the cop dryly observes, but barely has that statement left his mouth when a nattily-dressed certain someone of importance enters the basement to assume control of the interview. The bald-headed cop beats a hasty retreat, and The Certain Someone Of Importance gruffly orders Dean to repeat his story. And when Dean's done describing the anonymous bum's mummification and the subsequent explosion of red light and whatnot, The Certain Someone Of Importance takes a seat and prompts, "Tell me more about the red light." "You believe me?" Dean breathes, astounded. "Are you...?" he begins to ask before popping his eyebrows into the air and stating with a firm assurance, "You're a hunter!" The Certain Someone Of Importance plays dumb, but Dean knows better and, after he offers The Certain Someone Of Importance his demon-related bona fides, they finally introduce themselves to each other, and The Certain Someone Of Importance is Eliot Ness. Well, this show's version of Eliot Ness, for whatever that's worth, and while Dean is suitably impressed to meet the gentleman in question, I find myself battling off a near-overpowering wave of ennui, because I? Am most certainly not an Untouchables fanboy. God, Kevin Costner sucks. Did you see what he said about The Hatfields and McCoys as it relates to property disputes in Malibu in the last Entertainment Weekly? Asshole. Tone-deaf, insufferable, no-talent, hacky asshole. CHRIST, I hate him. I hate him SO MUCH. GAH!

ANY-way, I suppose I should here point out that Eliot Ness is being portrayed by Nicholas Lea, an actor of course best known to X-Files aficionados as Alex Krycek, and...that's about all I have to say about that. What's next?

Oh, yes: Back in the present, Darling Sammy's busily tacking a Magical Mystery Board up to one of the walls of This Week's Hovel when his cell phone chirps, and it's Sheriff Jody, calling to check on the status of the investigation she quite conveniently dumped into Our Dear Boys' collective lap all those many scenes ago. Upon learning of Dean's disappearance, Sheriff Jody immediately offers her assistance, which a flustered Sam gratefully accepts.

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