Time After Time

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The Hardy Boys Talk Of Killing Time

Old-Timey Interrogation Room. Dean waxes batshit about his enthusiasm for a movie this Eliot Ness will never see for a very lengthy period of time before the two finally get down to business and, once they realize they have nothing new to tell each other, Eliot Ness hauls the inappropriately-attired Dean over to a tailor shop run by a quick-witted, wisecracking, middle-aged broad with the improbable name of "Ezra Moore" for some new clothes. Miss Ezra takes one look at Our Intrepid Hero and scoffs, "Who's he? Some farmer clown?" Eliot Ness explains that Dean's from the future, which offers Dean the opportunity to regale them with tales of 2012's many, many wonders like so: "Yeah, gas costs four bucks, you can get cheese out of a spray can, and the President? He's a black guy." Eliot Ness looks suitably amazed at this last, but Miss Ezra simply deadpans, "Paint me impressed," before dragging Dean back towards the fitting rooms.

Cut to This Week's Hovel, where we find Sheriff Jody just now arriving with the contents of one of Dead Bobby's numerous storage lockers, because the lead law enforcement officer of the largest city in South Dakota can apparently just fuck off to Ohio whenever she feels like it, and...that's it? That's the whole scene? Oooo-kay, then.

Miss Ezra's. We're "treated" to a brief montage of Dashing El Deano getting all '40s-style spiffy in some natty attire of his very own that quite frankly doesn't fit him very well at all until Eliot Ness decides now would be an excellent time to inform Miss Ezra of the particulars of his latest hunt. "Delightful," Miss Ezra replies after learning they're tracking an apparent time traveler, and with that, we head back to...

...This Week's Hovel, and here's the point where they start in with a lot of quick cuts between 2012 and 1944 that are structured so it seems like the five characters involved are speaking to each other across time as they quickly realize the mysterious Mr. Snyder is actually Chronos, the ancient God Of Time, and while the sequence is both well-paced and artfully done, I'll be damned if I'm going to hold your hand and lead you through it step-by-step. Darling Sammy, bless his little heart, does remind us of the pagan gods' standard M.O., and there's a bit of chatter about how Chronos is using his victims' glowy red life-forces as a sort of "gasoline" to power his jaunts across the timeline, but that's about it. And when it's done, we settle into 1944 for a bit as Eliot Ness drags Dashing El Deano over to...

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