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The Hardy Boys Talk Of Killing Time

...Chronos's tastefully appointed manse on the edge of Canton, where the two barge in to ransack the place for clues, of which they find none. Well, except for a leather-bound ledger Dean spots on the coffee table that includes a meticulously-maintained list of future horse-racing results. Chronos, you see, has been funding his rather pricey lifestyle by betting on races for which he already knows the results, a money-making scheme Dean calls "The Biff Strategy" after one of the central plot points of the Back to the Future trilogy, though why it is important that we know this, I could never explain to you, but there you go. In any event, the list includes several references to someone with the initials "L.Y.," which Ness interprets as standing for "Lester Young," a well-known Canton bookie, so it's back over to...

...that subterranean interrogation room, to which Our Intrepid Hero and his host lug the unfortunate Mr. Young for a series of harshly-worded questions accompanied by copious amounts of physical abuse until Mr. Young squeals that the gentleman he knows as "Ethan Snyder" tends to hang out at "a dive on Haggerty" named "The Early Bird."

This Week's Hovel. Sam and Sheriff Jody pore over various books and manuscripts until they stumble across the following piece of relevant information: Chronos can easily be summoned via a carefully documented spell, but there's one tiny flaw with this particular course of action. You see, Sam and Sheriff Jody need to summon the god when Dean is right there with him -- "literally with his hands on the guy," as Sam puts it -- so Dean might "surf" back to their present on Chronos's mojo. Otherwise, Dean will quite naturally find himself stuck in some past or future slice of time forever. Sheriff Jody rolls her eyes in frustration at this bit of unwelcome news and reaches into one of Dead Bobby's boxes to pull out a never-opened bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue, upon which has been affixed a handwritten note that reads as follows: "Fine, you ass -- you win for once. Enjoy, R." "Who's 'R'?" Sheriff Jody wonders, and after Sam fills her in on the sad, short life of Rufus Turner, they decide to crack open that bottle of soothing booze to toast to the memory of their departed friends, or something. To be honest with you, I thought they were going to get drunk and jump each other, because hey, why the hell not? Sheriff Jody's both exceptionally attractive and currently unattached, and Darling Sammy's a remarkably healthy young man, indeed, so who could it hurt? And then I remembered the long, long trail of corpses Sam's special bits have left in their deadly wake on this show, and I decided it was probably for the best if Sheriff Jody refrain from riding the dear boy like a hobby horse. And while all that was running through my obviously bored skull, we somehow slipped into this evening's next CHOMP!-less commercial break without me noticing it. Whoops!

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