Torn and Frayed

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Torture Porn

Sam is still acting all self-righteous and pissy and Dean is still trying to explain what actually happened back in Louisiana. Dean is a great fighter, especially post-Purgatory, but he's crap at explaining things. "It was self-defense," he says of Benny killing crazy Martin, without any mention of Martin threatening Benny's human descendent. Sam scoffs. "Seriously, Dean? That's the story you're going with? That the vampire was the real victim here?" Sam makes a series of ugly faces that make me want to get a very tall ladder so I can punch him. The brothers piss and moan and the importance of truth, because Benny's not really the thing that Sam is most upset about. Dean eventually catches on that Amelia is the root of all this boring melodrama. He makes a face like he can't believe we're still dealing with this. Sam is pissed that Dean sent him the fake text and made him think that Amelia was in the midst of meeting the same fate as Jess. Because who better to text than your ex-boyfriend the plumber when demons are killing you? Maybe he can come to the rescue with his handy strap wrench!

Dean, sounding very tired, says, "You were gonna kill Benny. What was I supposed to do?" Sam paces around and makes more faces. "Is that who we are?" he asks. "You save a vampire by making me believe the woman I love might be dead?" Again, it's unlikely that people who are in the middle of dying are going to text you, especially with proper punctuation and spelling. Dean admits he was wrong for sending the text (he totally wasn't), but points out that Sam should have trusted him in the first place. Sam just gets more upset because he thinks Dean wanted him to trust Benny, which, no, he didn't. If they're going to fight, they should at least fight about the right damned things. "What the hell do we do now?" Dean asks. "That depends on you," Sam says. "On whether or not you're done with him." Oh, for crying out loud. Are they related to each other or dating each other? The staging of this whole scene, from the angles to the lighting to the music, is like something out of a soap opera lovers' quarrel. They throw manly pouts at each other while sad violins play. Finally, Dean leaves without really giving Sam an answer.

The sheer force of the Winchester angst reaches all the way out to a random playground and causes a small child to start crying. Her mother tries to comfort her to no avail. Castiel appears out of thin air and diagnoses the child. It turns out it's not Sam and Dean's epic manpain at work after all, but an inguinal hernia, which actually hurts slightly less. Castiel touches the baby and she turns instantly happy. Castiel disappears again before anybody can be like, "What's that strange, raspy-voiced guy in an overcoat doing at a playground touching babies?"

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