Torn and Frayed

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Torture Porn

He finds himself sitting in Naomi's office. He looks confused, but Naomi gets right down to business. She tells him that Crowley has Samandriel. Unfortunately, she doesn't know exactly where. "You will find him and you will bring him home," she says, sounding quite emotional. Castiel, who appears to have gotten himself a much nicer haircut than poor Samandriel, starts making plans at once. "I'll need help getting in," he says, figuring that Crowley would have warded himself against angels this time. "Take whatever help you need," Naomi says. "But you will be certain, Castiel, it was your idea to rescue Samandriel -- not mine, not Heaven's." Castiel looks confused again, which is getting to be his default mode these days.

Meanwhile, Dean is fast asleep in Rufus's old cabin, cradling a beer bottle in the crook of his arm almost like a teddy bear. Castiel shows up and just watches him for a while. Eventually, Dean feels the weight of that blue-eyed stare upon him and wakes with a start. "Damn it, Cass! How many times I gotta tell you? It's just creepy!" I believe the word he meant to say was "adorable." Castiel says he needs his help. "The angel Samandriel, he's been taken." He says he heard the distress call. Dean is surprised to learn that Castiel is once again tuning in to Angel Radio. It's got all the best hits of the '80s. Castiel says his penance is going well. "I've been helping people," he says, looking a mite pleased with himself. He's got a general location (Hastings, Nebraska) but he needs Dean's people skills to get them any closer than that. Dean fires up his laptop and tries without much success to hide the Asian porno site that's still open in his browser. Castiel says that an angel's screams of pain will create a "ripple effect" of strange incidents, which is the first we're hearing of this, I believe. Perhaps it will be important later. Castiel notices there's a distinct lack of bitchiness in the air. "Where's Sam?" he wonders. "Sam's gone," Dean says in a way that doesn't invite further inquiry.

Back we go to the motel in Kermit. Sam is watching a show about dung beetles, which I can't help but feel is significant. It's as if the show is saying, "Be prepared for shit to come rolling by." Right on cue, Amelia shows up on Sam's doorstep. They engage in a long, awkward chat that comes across like an acting exercise in a high school drama class. It's flat and stilted, as if the participants are reading directly from their scripts. Well, Sam's part isn't too bad, but Amelia is just really awful. Even the dung beetle would be like, "Man, that stinks." Anyway, to sum up: Amelia apparently fled the bar soon after confronting Sam because, well, she's still married to her still-living husband. She says she was feeling pretty content until Sam showed up again. Sam offers to leave, but they just keep moving closer and closer to each other until they're kissing because that's just how awful they are.

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