Torn and Frayed

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Torture Porn

For something slightly less painful, let's check in on Samandriel. Dr. Lab Coat has outfitted him with a halo -- not the heavenly sort, but rather a device to keep the awl in place. Samandriel begs for mercy, but this is a demon we're talking about. Lab Coat waxes anatomical. "When we demons possess a human, we invade all of them -- their muscles, their bones, their brains." He wonders if it's the same for angels. There's no reason it should be, of course. Demons were once human, according to the show, but angels are different creatures entirely. There's no reason they would biologically homologous to humans. An angel could theoretically stow its mind in its vessel's ass, but that wouldn't serve the show's purpose. So Lab Coat pokes a long screw into Samandriel's vessel's noggin. This time when Samandriel screams, a jar full of re liquid shatters. Lab Coat smiles with delight and tightens the screw some more. Samandriel stops screaming and chants something that sounds like Klingon.

In some nearby suburban hamlet, a man in a business suit is walking down the street when he hears the chanting. He stops in his tracks and turns towards a bush. The bush rustles at him. Samandriel chants some more. The bush explodes in flames, sending Mr. Business Suit flying into the nearest fence.

Dean and Castiel arrive in Geneva, Nebraska by way of Impala instead because there's apparently still an inconsistent ban on the use of angel mojo. Dean and Castiel pretend to be reporters so they can get into Mr. Business Suit's hospital room. "I wanted to ask you a few questions about your ambush," Dean says, a little too pleased with his pun. Mr. Business Suit tells them that the bush talked to him, but has no idea what it was saying. He agrees with me that it sounded like Klingon. "We're gonna need exact words," Dean says, pen and notepad at the ready. "Are you serious?" Mr. Business Suit asks. "That's his serious face," Castiel says helpfully. Mr. Business Suit repeats what he can. Castiel recognizes the words as Enochian, which is the language of both angels and mushrooms. As he and Dean leave the hospital, Castiel explains that the words mean "obey." Dean's big plan to find Crowley is to just drive around until they find demons.

Kermit, Texas. Amelia stands in the bathroom doorway, clad in Sam's plaid shirt. "It's official -- I am the worst human being alive," she says. "No, I am the worst human being alive," says Sam. Or maybe Amelia just makes a lame joke about hating motels and Sam lies curled up on the bed looking like his usual pissy self. "Say something," she says when he remains silent. "What would you like me to say?" he asks. They proceed to have a weird discussion in which Amelia tells Sam about what a good guy Don is and how she doesn't want to hurt him. But she still thinks about Sam all the time and can't let go of him if he keeps showing up, like there's an event horizon around him and if he gets too close then neither light nor her lady parts can escape. Amelia says she would be with him if he decided to stay. He gives her such a look of love and hope instead of realizing, hey, this woman is kind of fickle. "But if you leave," she goes on, "don't come back. I can't have you with one foot in my life and one foot out there, doing whatever it is you do." He decides he needs some time to think it over. They agree to wait two days and meet up again at the motel if they decide to be together.

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