Torn and Frayed

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Torture Porn

Back in Nebraska, Castiel and Dean drive up to the ninth abandoned factory of the day. Seems like it would have been easier and faster for Castiel to scope each one out on his own, but whatever. Maybe Dean just likes having him in the car. But at last their search is over, for Castiel recognizes all the hobos loitering around outside as demons. There are a lot of them, and probably many more inside, Dean figures. "You, me and a demon knife ain't gonna cut it," Dean says. Castiel volunteers to fetch Sam, but Dean stops him. "If Sam wanted in, he'd be here," he says. Castiel makes an exasperated face. Dean says he's got a better idea.

Dean's "better idea" is for Castiel to zap them both over to Garth's houseboat which isn't really a houseboat at all. It is some kind of boat, but calling it a house of any kind is beyond generous. There they find Kevin Tran, who is still struggling with his half of the demon tablet. "You look horrible," Castiel remarks, displaying those famous people skills of his. Kevin seems to be alone and would prefer to get back to his futile duties, but Dean wants him to whip up another batch of demon bombs. This requires some really obscure ingredients, for which Castiel volunteers to go shopping. This seems like something of a lack of forethought on Metatron's and/or God's part. Wouldn't you want people to be able to destroy demons fairly easily? If I were writing a spell to get rid of demons, it'd be, like, balloons filled with Mountain Dew.

Time to check in on poor, doomed Samandriel again. Crowley is none too happy to have been called in to the torture session. "What on earth could you possibly need now, Viggo?" he asks Dr. Lab Coat. "I've given you ever torture instrument known to man short of a Neil Diamond album." He shows Crowley that with the twist of a screw, he can make Samandriel babble in Enochian. Crowley tries it for himself. "Zorba later," says Samandriel. "Saute broccoli!" Well, that's what it sounds like, anyway. Crowley translates it thusly: "You, celestial being, have been created to be an Angel of the Lord." He calls it Samandriel's "factory settings." He twists the screw again. Samandriel screams again. "SAUTE BROCCOLI!"

Houseboat. Dean gets a call from Benny, who is at some unidentified park, watching some unidentified family eating their lunch. Dean isn't especially happy to hear from his vampire buddy. "I thought I told you to go underground," he says. "I am so far under, I am breathing through a straw, brother," says Benny. He thanks Dean for standing up for him in Louisiana, then asks for Dean's help again. He's an addict calling his sponsor. Dean says he'll help out just as soon as he's done with this case. Benny seems relieved for the moment.

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