Torn and Frayed

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Torture Porn

Dean turns his attention to Kevin, who is still poring over the fractured tablet. They talk about Mrs. Tran. Kevin sent her away someplace safe so that he could focus on his work. Dean is perplexed. "The angels said I had to go to the desert to learn the Word of God," Kevin explains. He gestures at the barely floating rust heap around him. "This is my desert." Dean is still baffled. "But your mom's your mom," he says. "I can't enjoy a world I need to save," Kevin says. There's nothing more important than his work right now. Dean looks thoughtful.

Sam is sitting on a park bench somewhere in Kermit, watching the world go by, when Castiel suddenly appears beside him. Sam jumps. "Watching humanity never gets old, does it?" Castiel asks. Sam looks like he may have pooped himself.

A moment later, Castiel flits back to the houseboat with Sam in tow. Dean is none too pleased. He and Sam start in with the bickering. Castiel has decided that watching this particular portion of humanity has gotten a bit old. "I need both of you, as you say, to stow your crap. Can you do that?" Sam and Dean remain silent, but give each other ridiculously intense stares. I have not once looked at my brother like that.

They all head over to Crowley's Torture Factory in the Impala. Castiel gives them instructions about the angel warding symbols they need to destroy. "So, we go in and take care of the hell mooks and you extract the angel?" Dean asks. Shouldn't they have covered all this by now? What were they doing in the car on the way over? Castiel confirms the plan, then adds, "After killing so many, I need to save at least this one." He hands Sam one of those angel swords that used to seem so special. He says it kills demons as well as angels. Like, they could have been using this thing all along instead of passing the demon knife back and forth?

The Winchesters kill a hobo-clad demon, then use his keys to get inside. Seems like it would have been quicker to just bypass the demon entirely and jimmy the lock, instead of leaving a conspicuous dead body lying around, but whatever. What's done is done. Also, the music is super weird right now. It's like Steven Seagal could show up in a suede fringed jacket at any moment.

Meanwhile, in the torture chamber, Crowley is once again putting the screws to Samandriel. The poor, doomed little angel shrieks. "Vole may paralyze!" Crowley recognizes that Samandriel is talking about the tablets. He twists the screw again, eliciting another howl of pain. I hope someone gave this actor a lozenge between scenes.

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