Torn and Frayed

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Tippi Blevins: C+ | 9 USERS: A-
Torture Porn

Sam and Dean go their separate ways inside the factory, each spray-painting over warding symbols as they come to them. Sam gets jumped by a demon, then throws him to the ground like a duffel bag of dirty laundry. As soon as he dispatches the demon with his new angel sword, another demon immediately jumps him from behind. This time, Dean grabs the demon and finishes him off, then gives Sam an odd scowl.

They hear Samandriel screaming and head towards the sound. Two demons chase after them. For some reason, both the Winchesters set off demon bombs even though one would have surely sufficed. Now Castiel is going to have to shopping again.

Crowley and Dr. Lab Coat somehow manage to hear the ruckus over Samandriel's pained wails. Dr. Lab Coat thinks they should flee, but Crowley pays him no mind.

Dean paints over the last of the main symbols. Castiel flutters his way inside. He sways on his feet. "It must be the sigils," he says. "I'm not at full power." Dean hurries to paint over more of the symbols, but Castiel insists there's no time. He grabs his head, sees a flash of some kind of drill coming at him. He hears a high-pitched whine, like the buzzing of Angel Radio. Sam and Dean struggle to open the door to the torture chamber while Castiel shrinks against the nearest wall. More flashes. Naomi holding the drill, aiming for his pretty blue eye. He cowers on the floor, clutching his sword. He looks very small and young. Sam and Dean hurl themselves at the door, again and again, desperate to break it down.

Inside, Crowley is still trying to get information out of Samandriel. "Pawn a sigh! Are those a fave?" The door hinges are moments away from giving in to the combined manliness of the Winchester shoulders. "Spit it out, you heavenly piece of filth!" Crowley shouts. "Pod day, rah!" says Samandriel. Crowley is stunned. "There's an angel tablet," he says, interpreting the latest chants.

The Winchesters finally overcome the door, but Crowley has vanished. Only Samandriel and Dr. Lab Coat remain. For some reason, Lab Coat decides to stick around and fight instead of vomiting himself out of his vessel. He and Dean scuffle while another demon shows up to take on Sam. While Castiel carefully removes the various screws and the awl from poor, doomed Samandriel's noggin, he again sees himself at Naomi's mercy. "Hold still," Naomi tells him. She has him restrained in a white leather dentist's chair. She goes into his eye with the drill. In the factory, Castiel removes the last of the screws and the halo. Castiel touches Samandriel's face, which lights up with such relief.

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