Trial and Error

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"Calgon, Take Me Away!"

While Dean is off doing that, Kevin takes the opportunity to shower off the weeks and weeks of accumulated grime. He's eager to get right back to work, but Sam tells him to slow down. "Get some shuteye, take a day off," he says. Perhaps he could find a local group of Moon-Door fans and indulge in a day of LARPing. Kevin's not down with the vacay. Even though he hates the "house boat," he can't leave because demons are after him. Again, why not just take him to the hub? Not that I particularly want to see Kevin every episode, but they should at least address the possibility. "I just... I need this to be over," he says. Sam says he understands. "But trust me on this -- this whole saving the world thing? It's a marathon, not a sprint." Or, more precisely, it's a slow stroll for most of the season and then a mad dash toward the end.

Dean returns with supplies. While Kevin was showering, Sam was apparently hard at work on the computer. His skills paid off and he's found a likely candidate in the Cassity family from Idaho. They were small-time farmers, he explains, who found oil on their land where geologists had previously turned up nothing. As they're leaving, Dean tells Kevin to call if he finds anything else about the hellhounds: "Because between the claws and the teeth and the whole invisibility thing, those bitches can be... real bitches." He says it so lightly, too, as one might discuss a grumpy in-law, rather than a monster with which one is horrifically and fatally familiar. As a parting gift, he offers Kevin bottles of headache pills and pep pills. This will probably come back to bite somebody on the thickly clothed ass at some point.

They pull up outside the gorgeous and sprawling Cassity Farms, where Dean reminds Sam to keep an eye out for anybody who seems to be hallucinating. Because that's what people do when hellhounds are after them. Sam wouldn't remember this from the time his own brother was hunted down by hellhounds. Sigh. This show, sometimes. They've also apparently not discussed their plans in the hours and hours they've spent driving. "And if we find someone?" Sam asks. Dean waggles his demon knife and says, "You get 'em clear, I spike Fido, the crowd goes wild."

"Hey, pal, who runs this joint?" Dean asks a pair of legs sticking out from under a tractor. He and Sam both seem a bit surprised when the mechanic turns out to be a woman. "You're looking at her," she says. She clarifies that she doesn't own the place, but manages it. She assumes they're there for the job that conveniently needs filling. Sam and Dean seem surprised by their good luck, like what was their cover story going to be had this not dropped into their laps? A bearded man with ruddy cheeks joins them. "Ellie, who've we got here?" he asks the manager. The brothers introduce themselves and shake hands. The man is Carl Granville, whose wife owns the farm. "I'm just one of those trophy husbands," he jokes, patting his beer belly. Carl tells Ellie to hire the two strangers, based on... what? Who knows?

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