Trial and Error

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"Calgon, Take Me Away!"

Ellie shows them to their room, which looks more or less like any number of rooms the Winchesters have occupied over the years. Dean, however, has developed a taste for finer things as of late. "I miss my room," he grumbles.

For their first job, the boys are sent off to clean the Augean stables. Sorry, no -- make that the Cassity stables. While they're scooping horse poop, they overhear Ellie arguing with a lady in fancy riding clothes. "Organic food is better for the cattle," Ellie says. "My land, my animals, my money, my way," says the fancy lady. "End of story!" She flounces off in a huff. Ellie joins the Winchesters. "She's a real piece of work, huh?" Dean says. Ellie sighs. "Alice Cassity is a piece of something, all right." After Ellie leaves, Sam and Dean discuss their crossroads options. Dean dismisses Ellie because she's "the help," and Sam says Carl doesn't seem the type. They both settle on Alice as being their likely candidate.

That night, Alice and Carl are dining al fresco when they hear a howling in the distance. The horses neigh nervously. When Alice leaves to check on them, the Winchesters follow close behind. Meanwhile, Carl is all by himself when the hellhounds come to rip him to shreds. Poor Carl. It looks like he didn't even get to finish his appetizer.

Soon after, the sheriff arrives to look over the scene of destruction. For some reason, nobody wonders if the two, big, strapping drifters they just hired had anything to do with Carl's untimely demise. The sheriff thinks it was wolves, but Ellie disagrees. The Winchesters should probably wonder why she disagrees, but they don't. They're too busy kicking themselves for following the wrong lead.

Dean stomps off to pack up their things while Sam heads for the stables. Alice is brushing one of her horses. "Are you okay, Ms. Cassity?" Sam asks. "I really am," she says, a bit confused. "And I know I shouldn't be, because I loved Carl. I think. I just can't remember why." Wheels start turning in Sam's head. He presses, gently, for more information. Alice says she knew Carl her whole life, used to make fun of him in school. Then, suddenly, on Valentine's Day of 2003, she fell in love with him at a party. "It was like I was seeing him for the first time," she says.

When Sam makes his way to their room, he finds Dean hatching a plan to summon a crossroads demon himself. Sam points out that Crowley would find out. "That's not a plan, Dean -- that's suicide." He suggests they stick around for a while. Carl made a deal for Alice, he says, not for oil. Chances are a demon signed up someone else in the family, too. "Look, Dean, this family's rich because someone booked a one-way ticket downstairs," Sam says. "As of tomorrow, they're all gonna be right here." Dean acts like he's a little bit annoyed not to be killing himself just yet, but agrees to go along with Sam's plan. For now.

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